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(Radical Revolutionary) #105

Vote:Purge the heretics

(Sound) #106

so do you mean to purge everyone who questions this new religion or purge the people who corrupted your religion? Just making sure

(Radical Revolutionary) #107

The one who corrupted it of course,what am i stalin?

(Sound) #108

Just checkin cause Agentine has done a lot of stuff with his country before

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@Mitobox @serialkiller I just need your votes please vote when you have the chance to do so

(cerealkiller) #110

Votes: retry my votes again

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@mitobox sorry to bother again I still just need your vote



Vote: Try finding a less tedious way to produce Strandstalk paper.

(Sound) #113

Round 29

(Fernwanderden) @serialkiller- Vote 1: improve and enlarge my army again. More elephants, more soldiers, more cannons. (Roll: 5)

Vote 2: invent chariots (Roll: 18)

Fernwanderden Outcome

While the Fernwanderden have succeeded in creating Chariots it isn’t the same with the army itself. Most people still refuse to be drafted or want to join the army most running away from the village to keep themselves from being put in the army. The army desperate to get people to join have resorted to forcefully drafting people. This has caused some people to rebel and refuse to help the military in anyway no matter how minor or major it was.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Minor (2)


Civ: Fernwanderden: Player: SerialKiller

SerialKiller- Past Votes: go South, domesticate Stachelwanderer, make a saddle, settle down at Oasis, improve agriculture, Improve Housing, Improve Agriculture, enter dungeon, advance chemistry, advance chemistry further and create an explosive powder, Search for Metal, Start mining, save miners, tame undead dragon, enter dungeon, create undead, create undead animals, look around for more villages to the northwest

People: most have begun to resent the military for their forceful actions

Farming: Simple farming not too advance but still good

Government: Saltin Government

Domestication: Stachelwanderer: Find the living conditions good and like the new fruit (name new species): This new species found is an elephant found by the Fernwanderden

Plants: Parafruit

Magic: Basic healing, Fireball

Animals living in the area:

Dungeon Monsters : Dungeon: most filled with undead. Lich : this Lich seems to be the dungeon master of the Dungeon. Floor 5 boss Undead Dragon . 12th floor had giant Centipedes and giant scorpions.

Dungeon Items: New weapons found in dungeon, and found some spell that cannot be read with the literature you have right now (scroll that gives a small magic barrier), mana orb, scroll unreadable for your civ right now (makes incredibly weak zombies that are weak to sunlight), Undead Dragon Orb : this has the ability to summon a dozen undead, Staff of undead (this increases rolls by 2 pertaining to undead has a limited use of three votes) ( Uses left : 2)

Factions : Military and anti-military. Military: The military recently have been forcefully recruiting people causing many to dislike the military. Anti-military: This faction has been fighting the military recently trying to break free of it some have escaped to other unknown regions while some stay to fight the military.

Undead: The Fernwanderden can make corpses into the undead

Civs met: Flarc (Relationship: Enemies)


(Kazarites) @mitobox- Vote: Produce Strandstalk Paper in a less tedious way (Roll: 5)

Kazarites Outcome

Most feel the Strandstalk Paper is a useless invention and have refused to write on it and use it.

Stability: Sturdy (2)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: Kazarites Player: Mitobox

Mitobox- Past Votes: go Northwest, collect food and resources, build huts, search the dungeon, look for strong-smelling plants that grow from bulbs, find more Grawlic, use leftover Grawlic and plant it, hunt for vampires, make a graveyard, Craft simple bows, scout north, explore tower, capture vampires, make clothing, lead the Korens back home

People: Question the need for paper and find it to be troublesome to make.

Leadership: Kazar: a wise leader who had started to trip to the Mist forest and the founder of the Kazarites. After many years of being the leader of the Kazarites and gaining a lot of trust the people no longer trust Kazar after the incident with the Korens. The people believe that he and his apprentices had all been turned into vampires after a certain point and believe that he and his apprentices will try to kill them all at some point or turn them into vampires. The people have also begun to think that the Korens are vampires and that Kazar and the vampires are trying to take over the village. Kirala: One of the other leaders who leads the hunt on Vampires

Factions: Anti-Korens: this group has been attacking any group of Korens trying to enter the village. They have spread the belief that the Korens are really vampires in disguise and that there was no such civilization known as the Korens.

Area of where the Kazarites live: a small village surrounding a lake with the island of the dungeon they found and Gloom Island

Plants: Gloom Plant, and new plant. Strandstalk: This plant is very fibrous

Weapons: Bow

Graveyard: Holds the deceased of family members

Gloom Dungeon:
Dungeon Monsters: Young Treant Floor 1, Vampire Floor 2

Dungeon Traps: Trap room, Arrow chest

Smoke Tower Dungeon: Monsters: Vampires

Dungeon Monster: Vampire

Disease/Curses: Piercingitis: a disease spread by vampires to create more vampires, only way for this disease to be spread is if a vampire’s blood is swallowed, or gets into a cut or wound or is injected

Factions: Normal Spiecine, Vampire Spiecine

Magic: Basic healing, fireball

Discovered monsters: None

Realms: Realm of Living: This realm is where all living creatures live in and where all physical beings live Realm of the Dead: This realm holds dead spirits. Some spirits hold grudges and because of this some stay in the realm of the living either possessing dead corpses to kill the person they want revenge on or cause misfortune. Some wondering spirits from the Realm of the Dead accidently come to the realm of the living these spirits cause no troubles to the living unlike vengeful spirits. If they take over undead bodies, then they will just wonder around. Spirit Realm: Nonphysical beings live in this realm namely Demons and Angels. The Realm of Gods : This realm has all the gods within this games universe this Realm is untouchable by normal mortals, only Heroes, Clergymen, other gods, or famous people can hurt or interact with the gods.

Contracts: the Kazarites now know how they can create contracts with Demons or anything at all

Familiars: bugs

Ancient relic: relics that have a large power emanating from them. Smoke Tower Relic : a relic that seems to be what creates all the fog in the area and has a small dungeon inside of it. The vampires also created it many years ago. Mysterious text on the wall is a prophesy of how the Kazarites will kill off the vampires and their leaders. The text talked about the Vampires true weakness but because the vampires didn’t want it to be learned they ensured to destroy it because of this it is unfinished

Civs Met: Korens


(Korens) @agenttine- Vote: Vote 1: In the middle of the night, kill all who knew about Fiod, and wipe the memory of everyone afterwards. (Roll: 4)

Vote 2: Destroy more records about Fiod. (Roll: 3)

Korens Outcome

Attempts at silencing people who know Fiod have failed these people have now begun to say to everyone else that Fiod is an actual person and the government is just hiding it from them. As even more proof the attempt at destroying records on Fiod have also failed the people now know of the existence of Fiod and that the government was lying to them.

Stability: Unstable (-1)

Power: Minor (2)


This text will be hidden


(Alkala) @immortaldragon- Vote: Vote 1: Leave an offering in apology to the spiders in hopes of repairing our relationship with them. (Roll: 8)

Vote 2: Since they’re already tamed, let’s try and make contracts with our Tafra instead. (Roll: 16)

Alkala Outcome

The offering has no effect the spiders just ignore it. After the failed attempt at making peace with the large spiders the Alkala then tried to make a contract with the Tafra. This causes the Tafra to change in appearance a bit. Some of them have grown larger and more menacing than before this has also increased the strength of some of the Alkala.

Stability: Sturdy (2)

Power: Minor (2)


Civ: Alkala: Player: Immortal_Dragon

Immortal_Dragon- Past Votes: go east, try to domesticate the Nokii, tame Tafra, build houses, fix houses, figure out through Shamans why the Nokii hate their people, Give Fake Shamans to Nokii, send peace offering to the Nokii, create an agricultural system, create a new religion, edit the religions problems, search around


Animals: Nokii: after many incidents with the Nokii they have begun to despise your tribe and now steal stuff and sometimes attack your tribe, Tafra: don’t think any of your tribe

Factions: Alkala

Tamed Animals: Tafra: These tamed animals have now been contracted and have become more fearsome and stronger.

Discovered Monsters: Giant Spiders, Treants, Goblins

Summoned Monster/Animals: A monster that was recently tamed a plant monster hybrid that is large nothing is fully known about this monster

Treasure: A scroll that can make normal trees into Ents (from the help of the staff the scroll was translated). Nature staff: Increases the roll-on rolls for nature by +1. Amount of Rounds you can use for: 9 rounds, each vote you use the staff for takes off a round (Be sure to tell me if you want to use the staff in your vote)

Dungeon: Forest Dungeon: Ents, and Goblins 1st floor

Religion: Alkalaiea: Alk the god of sun, beginnings, and birth. Then there is Ala the goddess of the moon, endings, and death

Crops: new Crop: seems to have some sort of healing abilities

Magic: Basic healing, fireball, Treant creation

Farming: Advanced their farming techniques making more food for the tribe. Using feces as their fertilizer

Military: Small militia meant right now only to prevent Nokii attacks

Monsters: Treants: Treants are as strong as iron if not stronger when created to make tools.

Civs met: None


(Viets) @PositiveTower- Vote: Purge the heretics (Roll: 17)

Viets Outcome

The leaders who have corrupted your religion have all been killed off. The original way the religion was meant to be has returned.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: Viets: Player: PositiveTower

Positive Tower’s- Past Votes: Go Southeast, go further Southeast

Discovered monsters: None

Magic: Basic healing, fireball

Army: The army has increased in strength and number

Farming: Haven’t learned much but they know how to make a simple farm

School: This is a place of education for a few of your people

People: They are happy that the religion is no longer taking advantage of anyone.

Religion: In this world there is no main god but it is ruled by two forces equality and balance, everything have a god of their own but also have an anti-god of their own to balance things out, everyone also see that gods can turn into animals and everyone have a spirit animal that they can ride into the afterlife, therefore people treat animals and humans the same, Everyone is also treated the same, old, young, female, male And others are treated equally. The religion is now believed in how it normally should’ve been and now is no longer its formally corrupted self.


(Valens) @Potatomancer- Vote: Use new spells to train anti-magic squads (Roll: 5)

Valens Outcome

The people have failed to do this, and most have wasted the scrolls so now they are unusable. Also, another side effect the people who did try to use these spells are no longer able to use spells.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: (Valens) Player: Potatomancer

Past Votes : West,

Magic : Basic healing, fireball

Discovered monsters: None

Farming : Basic farming

People: Want to now get more items since the failure of the use of the spell

Factions: The Librarians: This faction was built to fight against the Cultists. The Cultists: these people were finally exiled but they have promised that at some point they will return and take control of the village

Leader: Soran: (the leader of the cultists that have been banished from the village.) Serena: the new leader of the village since Soran was banished

Religion: (Name): This religion has begun a cult but because of this cult there has been discord between the people and to stop the infighting some people chose to banish the believers of this religion for now until things are settled down


If you see any mistakes let me know enjoy the round a lot of you got unlucky again it seems RIP

(Uncertain Agent) #114

They now know…


(Radical Revolutionary) #115

Vote:build a council in the capital for everyone to discuss their problems and solve them

(Immortal Dragon) #116

A most interesting round. Thanks Soundwave. :smiley:

Vote 1: With this ability to connect to animals discovered. Let us try to discover a way to tap into the land itself in a similar way to listen to what the earth has to say. Perhaps through nature magic.

Vote 2: In this vein of getting to the nature of things, let us try once again to repair our relationship with the giant spiders.

(Sound) #117

Soo your killing all you citizens kk (starts voting and AgenTine gets a 20 and then every Korens is killed off) jk jk but i just want to make sure if you mean to just kill everyone who knows it or if you legitimately want to kill everyone

(Casting Magic with potatoes) #118

Vote: research paper


A disaster… not only did the training of the new spells failed, but there was backlash from trying to learn them. Many elders suspected it was due to the cultist god of antimagic, Zorn, trying to undermine them. It didn’t help some idiot set the scrolls on fire by accident when learning the spells, he was punished by having him do community service for the rest of his life.
The next council meeting, most elders agreed further fire, life, nature and antimagic spells should not be studied by the Valens, in case the gods try to undermine them again. The rest of the meeting went to think of what they could do next. Among suggestions some voted to send more warriors into the dungeon or hunt for the new animals, but the winning suggestion was to create a new form of writing material that could allow them to copy future spells and avoid accidents like that one… And so they set aside a team of researchers and elders to find a replacement for stone carvings, hopefully something smillar to the material of the scrolls

(Sound) #119



Please vote when you have the chance

(Sound) #120

@mitobox , @serialkiller Please vote when you have the chance. (and Serialkiller don’t just like and leave like that lol)

(cerealkiller) #121


Vote 1: expand
Vote 2: build more aqueducts


Sorry, didn’t think the start of school would be so hectic.

RP Text

Gadof trudged along the worn village path leading to Kazar’s hut. It was fairly early in the afternoon, so most tribesmen were going about their work outside the village, leaving Gadof without crowds to navigate within. Still, his pace was slowed by reluctance, as he carried mildly disappointing news with him. He approached the entrance to the hut, pushed aside the skin veil serving as a door, and was greeted with an unexpected brightness. Kazar was suspending an egg-sized ball of flame between his hands. Upon noticing Gadof, he looked up with polite interest while maintaining the fireball.

“Well, people figured out how to make writing surfaces out of Strandstalk,” Gadof informed him awkwardly. “It’s just that nobody really wants to use it.”

Kazar nodded in understanding. Still, Gadof himself had half-heartedly accepted the news. As long as it had been since the expeditions to the ancient tower, he still held reserved fascination with the ancient writings, and hoped that paper wound lend itself more to translation efforts than wood or stone etchings. He would have preferred others to feel the same way.

“I channel magic to maintain its imprint on my being,” Kazar spoke suddenly, and Gadof listened intently. “Over the years of my life, I’ve heard tales of the same being done with writing. It may be possible for us to do the same, or at least glimpse how to do so.”

Gadof was intrigued. Scrolls were both revered and notorious in the homeland, used for good or ill by Spiecine Althio ambitious enough to brave dungeons for the long-forgotten magics sealed within. Could the same be done with mere paper?

Vote: Have Kazar and his pupils experiment with “binding” magic into writing (basically, prototype scroll creation), using whatever paper was produced before people lost interest.

Updated Wiki Page:

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Its fine, funny I was just thinking about you and planning to @ you again to do a vote

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can i join?