Forum Games and Spoilers

Now, as far as I know, we no longer have a way to compress what we have to say into collapsible spoilers.

I think we’ll be relying more on the community wiki for the sake of space. It might be tedious to go through and update pages, but it beats having an absurdly long installment post.


We can though.

Press the gearbox on the top-left (next to the buttons to insert links, images, format text, etc.) and select “hide details”


Thanks, had no idea.

Reaction to this knowledge

Woah, this is new to me. So beautiful. so nice. so interesting.



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The BBCode for it appears to be [details] [/details]. Still I’m not a fan of the way the new spoilers look, I don’t if there is a way to change it, I doubt it.

Oh really?

Like everything here, the spoiler is defined by CSS style sheets which we have complete access to (which is a lot more than can be said for the old forum). This new weird blue box is the result of 10 minutes messing around. If you let me know how you’d prefer it or anything else to look, I can fulfill your wishes.


How did you do that?

I edited the theme CSS in the admin panel. The highlighted block refers to the spoiler.

They most certainly look nicer than they did before. Adds a little bit of character to the forum. Not that it had enough.

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Please report to reconditioning.

Hmmm I cant seem to access the “spoiler button” on mobile

I just tried it on my phone and I can use it if I turn my phone sideways to add more width to the post editor. Of course if you remember the bbcode for it you can also add them that way.


Nice, thanks for the tip !