Game Concepts

I dont really see how it could turn out to be “eurocentric” when the whole purpose of the game is like a giant sandbox essentially. The only way i could see it be eurocentric is if they limit the player in some way… but doesnt look like thats gunna happen. They have big plans, it seems, and they wanna expand into as much realism as possible so i dont think we havta worry much

This is hardly the page to discuss racist concerns… this was meant to discuss ideas for the future game. This wasn’t meant to be a debate on “eurocentricism”. Perhaps you should start a page discussing that.

Discrimination concerns belong on another thread. Really, the intent of making this thread was to discuss innovative ways to play the game/create things within the game. I know you feel like that sort of discussion belongs here, but it really doesnt.

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Yes, that would be best, i feel. Sorry but the intent of the thread and the topic of discrimination is just kinda outside the intent of the thread and id really rather more people come to this thread to talk about ideas than contribute to discussions about discrimination

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I had an idea for future stages, could we maybe choose how our creature sounds? And then later on can we customize their language? Cuz I wouldnt think everyone speaking in english (or whatever earth language) would be very realistic. So maybe after you create the creatures voice, you have a list of phrases like “hello” or “good morning” and then next to that is a blank box you can enter the word for “hello” like “flab’scurge” and then the program uses your creatures voice to sound out those letters. So kinda like simlish. Maybe it could be simpler like simlish, where you have some words or phrases but other times there is just a set slew of words for the “joke” interaction. And how complext the language is depends on what the player wants. And then subtitles could be implemented so you know what your creature and other intelligent creatures are saying.