GameJolt release

It’s look alike open source Steam.

I don’t know if a release on another site would really be necessary, but if it’s ever considered I’d say is more suitable for a game like Thrive. It’s a bigger (afaik) as well as a more customizable and “serious” indie platform than Gamejolt.


I’m also of the opinion that if we were to put Thrive on some indie game store, it should be first. Gamejolt doesn’t seem to have any advantage over Also, I’m kinda doubtful that small stores would really help out with funding the game, so the return on the effort to keeping versions updated on all stores (especially if store specific features are needed) seems quite low. I want to see how a steam release goes (or a simultaneous steam and release) before trying to get on additional storefronts.

I’d go for Steam first. Also, I’m not sure if GameJolt is really open-source, but who cares if it’s a store? How can a store be open-source? I know it’s a software, but it has to be managed by some sort of financial executives, which can’t be done by a community since there would be theft attempts from a few corrupt bullshit monsters. Looking at you Tencent and Epic Games.
I think it should be good to put the game on many storefronts except for EGS by principle.

Looking at their github, it looks like their entire website source code is up there. So their store is open source.

99% of open source projects have a person / group in control of the official source code. But open source licenses don’t restrict someone from starting a fork. However, unless the main repo is very badly maintained the fork can’t really take over and will usually die out, unless it becomes a project with a slightly different goal.

That’s not what I meant. I only meant that there has to be some people managing the store (e.g. sales, income, taxes, etc.)

If a gamestore that scams the developers publishing games there got to any reasonable size, they would probably be found out. When they get found out that would be huge, and they would be in a ton of legal trouble.


Platforms suggested:

  • Steam
  • GOG
  • itch[dot]io
  • GameJolt

@blackjacksike’s personal blacklist:

  • Epic Game Store

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