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Hope you get better soon :slight_smile:

Also, this likely won’t just be for the thrive forums, I’ll probably invite people I know IRL, just a heads up.


Get better from what???

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Hope you get better from bugrock edition soon :slight_smile:

Bedrock edition is better isn’t worse than Java imo

Ofc this is biased as I’ve never played Java, but other than modding there’s really not much that makes Java better than Bedrock - and even modding can be done through the marketplace, though I do agree that even the option for micro transactions instead of free mods kinda sucks

And while Java has a few QOL things I’d like to have, arguably Bedrock has more QOL or environmental things that I wouldn’t want to miss out on

Anyway ye Bedrock cool

I’d argue that a huge reason why minecraft is so popular is thanks to modding. Kind of like why Bethesda games like Skyrim are so popular. So Bedrock having limited modding (or even locking modding to a Microsoft controlled store, yuck) is much worse. Especially important I think has been that modded minecraft servers can be made and there’s even a ton of modded servers you can play on with a normal minecraft version (the mods just do stuff on the server). I used to have a minecraft server with quite many serverside mods, I even wrote a couple of quite simple ones myself.


Java let’s you have custom skins and doesn’t make you buy off of an online market place to get one.
It supports modding.
Redstone works objectively better on Java.
It supports server plugins (mods that you don’t need to download to use, like the custom item and entity skins on the empires server)
Glass is multi-threaded when placed at top a beacon which allows you to exploit the game.
Our mods are better.
And we have worse combat.

What more could you want?

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I mean you can customize skins to a certain extent on bedrock, and as someone who has played on a mixed server with Java redstone I can say I personally prefer bedrock redstone

Mods/plugins that are more easily accessible are pretty much the only argument I see with merit that says Java is inherently better, and even then several versions of Bedrock (particularly those playable on computers) have just as easy access to mods as Java does, even if the majority of Bedrock users don’t, and there is also the marketplace (tho ofc that has issues galore, being micro transactions for a majority of marketplace content and whatnot)

Now I’m not trying to say one version is inherently better than the other - they both have their ups and downs. I just prefer bedrock from the limited experience that I have

Edit: in tandem with the last paragraph, I went back and edited my statement a few posts above

Main problem with Bedrock is that it has many irritating bugs that can kill you, such as killed-in-elytra-flight bug and other annoying bugs like this. Also as far as I’m aware, 1.18 world blending is terrible on bedrock and ended up generating for instance broken mansions, whereas in java mansions generated partly in 1.17 and partly in 1.18 generated fine.
Also I’ve heard that reason why Bedrock is this bad is because Microsoft wanted bedrock to be “For Players” edition of minecraft, while Java was supposted to be “For Content Creators” edition of minecraft.

somebody needs to buy minecraft from microsoft and remove all the microtransactions and replace them with a link to a donations page on the main menu

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Post-1.9 combact is superior to Pre-1.9 combact, anyone who says the contrary is just angry that they can’t mindlessly spam click anymore.

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  • Replace Mojang with Community Modders
  • Let Mojang stay in place of producer

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Which one do you choose?

Mojang all the way

Though this prolly should have been in the Minecraft talk thread

Edit: was originally in miscellaneous talk thread

Java on PC (sometimes with mods), although I rarely play Minecraft these days so I always get a surprise whenever I start playing again since I always miss so many updates.

Except that they expect so much from the modding community that they completely ignore making the game better. Just look at the VR port, it can barely even called VR on vanilla gameplay (talking about Skyrim, not MC).

It has to be gabeN! What I would suggest is that only the Java Edition is taken away from Microsoft, have it be open-sourced and put on Steam with a working Workshop. However, I doubt that someone or rather a company (please not FB) will buy the MC legacy just for the Java Edition, that is more likely to happen with hackers.

You mean Microsoft, not Mojang, right?

hehehe double post FTW

I mean Mojang still does exist as a sub group of Microsoft, so it isn’t incorrect to say Mojang in that statement

Tbh I think most of the things people have been upset about with the game over the last few years have come via Microsoft(micro transactions, 1.19.2 chat banning, etc), what would probably be most ideal imo is either Microsoft takes a step back or Mojang comes out from under there thumb entirely, instead of having the game open sourced or given to a group of modders

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You seem to have forgotten that Mojang still exists, and that Java edition is also the Mojang edition while Bedrock is the Microsoft edition.

Aren’t all versions of Minecraft made by Mojang? It would be a very inefficient decision to have a wholly separate development team for different versions, especially when the versions mostly have the same content.

Yeah, both platforms are run by Mojang, they just have two different coding teams due to the two different coding languages