Glibc_2.28 not found - game not starting

Hello, everyone! I wanted to try the game for myself for the fist time, even though I’ve known about the game for one or two years now. I downloaded the launcher and 0.4.2 (linux 64), but unfortunately the game wont boot. I tried both running from the launcher and from console, but I get the following errors (I pastebinned both errors, console first and launcher second):
any idea how to fix this?


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You are using a using a version of Linux that does not have glibc 2.28. It’s very complex to have multiple versions installed. You basically have two choices: install a newer OS, or compile the game from source.

This issue was already posted on Github:

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I’ll try compiling, then. Thank you very much!

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The part with “having” isn’t that hard, I think. Simply installing the libs to somewhere ld doesn’t look for and always changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running a program that needs a recent version of glibc is one way of doing it. But compiling glibc definitely is a challenge for most day-to-day users. One can always try, though!

I think I’ll ask this here: where can i find info on how to compile the game? Thanks in advance