Happy Birthday Thread

This thread is for giving a shutout for someone’s birthday or in case you want some extra wishes on your own birthday! :birthday: That’s it, just a simple idea.
Also, here is a good birthday song to play on anyone’s birthday:


There’s going to be a lot of cakedays coming up in two months when the first large group of users registered (when this forum was launched properly).

my Grandma on my mothers side’s birthday is coming tomorrow does that count?

Yes that counts Happy Birthday to G-Ma Xenomorphian

this is after my grandmas birthday dinner i wasn’t on the forums cause i was distracted with entertaining my 8 baby cousins only now i have found out its her 69th birthday

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Shoot my birthday was today but i forgot to mention it here in this thread


Happy birthday TheXenomorphian hope it was awesome :slight_smile:

It was cant talk bout it now its late i got a sugar rush waitingg for the crash so i can sleep

I the Nerd In The Corner also have a birthday on April the 8th!

My birthday is January 14th

Happy birthday to me.
Now I’m gonna sleep.

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Happy birthday madude :birthday:

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I know it’s french, but I didn’t find the equivalent in english. But it’s kinda funny when you think about it.

EDIT : Another one.

Happy gabeN!

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Happy birthday! (it’s your birthday in my time even if not in yours

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I speak french but not from France so I only understood like 80% of the song. Something about don’t get drunk and your father is older than you.

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Happy birthday, untrusted, noomkrad, and the guy who made secret lab.
Happy anniversary to my cousin.