Happy Birthday Thread

(Lord Nerd) #1

This thread is for giving a shutout for someone’s birthday or in case you want some extra wishes on your own birthday! :birthday: That’s it, just a simple idea.
Also, here is a good birthday song to play on anyone’s birthday:


There’s going to be a lot of cakedays coming up in two months when the first large group of users registered (when this forum was launched properly).

(Xeno) #4

my Grandma on my mothers side’s birthday is coming tomorrow does that count?

(Lord Nerd) #5

Yes that counts Happy Birthday to G-Ma Xenomorphian

(Xeno) #6

this is after my grandmas birthday dinner i wasn’t on the forums cause i was distracted with entertaining my 8 baby cousins only now i have found out its her 69th birthday

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(Xeno) #7

Shoot my birthday was today but i forgot to mention it here in this thread

(Untrustedlife) #8

Happy birthday TheXenomorphian hope it was awesome :slight_smile:

(Xeno) #9

It was cant talk bout it now its late i got a sugar rush waitingg for the crash so i can sleep

(Lord Nerd) #10

I the Nerd In The Corner also have a birthday on April the 8th!

(Space Potato) #11

My birthday is January 14th