Having an issue with the launcher

I downloaded Thrive.Launcher.Setup.1.0.3.exe from the website and I’m able to start the launcher, but when I click “Play (Current) Windows 64-bit” it does a short load then says “Hash for file ‘Thrive-’ is invalid (download corrupted or wrong file was downloaded) please try again”

I’m running Windows 10 x64 OS, Intel 6700, NVidia 1070, 32GB RAM, 2x 1TB HDDs

If you have slow / unstable internet connection that explains why the download doesn’t complete successfully.

You can try manually downloading the release from here: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/releases

After downloading you need to unzip it with 7zip and run thrive.exe in the bin folder.

I have 25Mb/s internet speed. I don’t think that this was the issue. Thank you for the link