Hello everyone! Name's Johnny

Hey everyone, my name’s Johnny (you can call me Nunz) and I am a former freelance 3D artist (5 years pro experience, many more as a hobby) who specializes with Blender 3D (i started using it before it even had Node editing or Cycles). Currently i am no longer taking clients due to financial/industry circumstances from a while ago and am now on track to become a Mechanical Engineer with a minor in Software. I’m fairly experienced in C++ and am figuring my way out around C# and I hope I can be useful to this beautiful project. Right now i’m trying to brainstorm ways to use the Cell Editor 's hexagon system to create 3D meshes and apply a Fresnel Shader (color on edges, transparent in middle). I’ll also add I don’t have much of my e-portfolio anymore as I stopped maintaining it but, if you guys want I can show you a Machine Gun i’m making for an Arma 3 mod.

Hope we can get along :grin:


If you haven’t seen this already, you should take a look:

Ah yes, i’ve heard of that. It reminds me of various modifiers and sculpt tools in 3D. I actually have been looking at 3D tools like Blender alot to see if there’s tools that could be dumbed down and put in the game. For example, in sculpting you can manipulate a height/normal map on an object with brushes and just paint on super intricate tedious details like scales and bumps. This is actually how Terrain Tools work in games and engines.

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I would like to see it

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