Hello everyone

Hello Everyone,

I’m Estredar and I am a bioecology technologist as well as currently on my way to a bachelor’s degree in marine biology. My specialties are freshwater and marine ecology as well as fishes and population modeling.
On the video games’ side of things I worked as a quality assurance technician for Beenox under Activision during the development of Skylander: Swapforce and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now I can hardly play any game without spotting every bug and oftentimes sending bug reports to indie dev teams.
Lastly I’m fluent in french and english both in common and scientific speech and more than willing to help with translation.

So, I’m here as I see an incredible project with lots of potential both as a wonderful game and a tool to explain some of the more complex life processes to the average person.

And that’s about it, I’m so glad I am given the chance to be part of this wonderful project.




You’re welcome here, Estredar!

Greetings and welcome to the forum.

Estredar is a new team member. I just now remembered to add a title here as well.

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Hey Estredar,
Welcome to our forums, arguably the best place on the internet!


Hey Estredar, i’m RoboRomb, you’ll likely find me in and out of the forums at some points in time. Anyways, welcome to the family of geeky scientists and artists.

Instant dev
(didn’t think it could happen)

Not really instant if you consider the fact that they applied first, we’re accepted and then created an account here.

Then there are the people who don’t even have to apply


Then again the cutscene was sort of the application.

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forgot the crab of quantum has became a dev just cause of the animation of wiggly cellular thing (pretty darn good one too) on a side note i’m just noticing your profile pic looks like an egg with two cracked eggs for hands so other than the cereal your profile pic is very breakfast related

Why thanks! Also thanks for bringing to light my eggness.