✨ hello✨

Welcome, I hope that willow’s neurochemistry isn’t too harsh on your thought process.

Yeah it definity is not harsh on him.

only time will tell

first of all, you don’t need to reply to everything, second, do not refer to anyone in me and willow’s system with he/ him pronouns, third: you are not in our system, do not try to act like it.

it generally isn’t, closest regular thing to it is willow joining the chant that happens every day at 12 AM

They may be conjoined twins. Thats the only way a hive mind that can exist as of now.

not siblings or conjoined twins, we literally share a brain and a body that has no noticeable deformities. we are the exact opposite of a hivemind

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Ah, I see. You have split personality neurodivergence


… So you’re Willow’s alt then.

we are different people mentally, just not physically


Welcome Dawn nice to meet you

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uhhh… you forgot to turn off willow’s account?

we use different browsers for this because manually switching the accounts by logging out and then logging in is too much work and using different tabs didn’t work

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Time to shill Firefox. It has a tab containers / groups feature which separate logins. So for example I can use a tab in the work group to login to a different steam account and then other normal tabs can login to another account.

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already using it, only downside is i can’t figure out how to make the tabs bar not glaringly white.

I use the best tab extension in existence: Tree Style Tab – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

And with that you need a bit of Firefox style customization to hide the normal tab bar entirely, which I always use.

ok firefox is now far better than opera in my opinion, i can have the taskbar be gold and black, it also looks like it’s got distance and fog to it.

There is an obscure internet subculture known as tulpamancy. It’s basically a “thought-form” that behaves like an imaginary friend only with a mind of their own.

It is common for a person’s “tulpa” to be in a system and for the person to use their physical body to create an account for the “tulpa”.

we have two of those but most of us were created by dawn performing mitosis in response to trauma, and as far as i’m aware a tulpa is a manifestation of some aspect of you in your brain that develops its own personality after being created, all but two of us were not created from any aspect of dawn, we were created by methods more similar to natural means of reproduction. (ie: fusing and mitosis though the first one only happened once)

What trauma caused Dawn to be created and why?

none, dawn is the host.

When were you created?
This is a revelation.

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