How come there's no "ferroplast"?

Most organelles are just prokaryotes that have been integrated into a larger cells while retaining their own membranes (mitochondrias are just prokaryotes with metabolosomes, chloroplasts are just prokaryotes with thylakoids and so on), allowing them to further specialize into their specific process and increase its efficiency; given this formula for “upgrading” metabolic processes, I’ve always wondered why Iron respiration is the only process that has to be done exclusively by rusticyanin within the direct confines of the player cell’s cytoplasm, instead of being able to delegate the task to an assimilated bacterium. Does anyone know why this is?


I couldn’t find an older thread about this exact thing, but here’s the reason once again: just for game design reasons to not make two versions of each organelle (one for prokaryotes and one for eukaryotes) when the iron eating was added only a prokaryotic version of the organelle was added.

There’s really no major reason why now we couldn’t do that, someone just needs to put in the effort to make the model, icon, and JSON file updates to add the organelles.


that makes sense, thanks for the quick reply

I don’t want to find a prokaryote and integrate it it take time

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Not to mention, it DOES happen in eurkaryotes, too.
Just search up “does iron respiration happen in eukaryotes” and you’ll get DOZENS of results that say something about iron respiration in eukaryotes.
Possibly whole pages, too, but i’m too lazy to look beyond the first one.
Here’s a screenshot, for visual evidence is everything (a picture says 1000 words, after all!):

Do note that you will only get prokaryote results if you only search “iron respiration”, so i kinda had to create a bias here.
I am aware of what i had to do, and am NOT proud of it.

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