Hunting by Sound

Imagine playing Thrive in the Aware Stage, stalking a creature as it makes its way down the river, gradually growing closer by the minute. You begin to listen, and hear.

You can hear its heart beat

Its breath

You grow closer to it, hearing the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk. Finally, you make your move.

This little excerpt thing was inspired by A Quiet Place, as I just watched it a few minutes ago. So, in Thrive, can we play as creatures who hunt by their hypersonic hearing?

If so, could it play out like it did in the movie? Basically, the creatures rode on asteroids, hitching rides to other worlds to feed. In the game, can we do something like this too? Hitching rides on asteroids to feed on sapient life and non-sapient life from other worlds?

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I don’t think you can ride an asteroid as a multicellular life form tbh

Well, if you developed some way of surviving in the vaccum of space, it could be possible.

There are games which have implemented a “see by sound” mechanic, as the game’s main mechanic. Devil’s Tuning Fork has been cited as one, but the commonality in all these is the world is mostly black, with loud objects shown with white outlines. One can create sound pulses, revealing a moving section of the world temporarily as the sound wave propagates.

Let’s say you don’t even have the problem of breathing, then
how would this creature even leave a planet ? how would it survive the extreme change of pressure ?

Maybe some type of natural pressure suit? I was thinking of some type of exoskeletal armour, that could possibly pressurize the air it breathes, then changes it based on the atmospheres composition on worlds it lands on.

As for hitching rides on asteroids, it could possibly evolve on a rouge world of some sorts where asteroid strikes are common, the creatures becomines stowaways on flying debris. Just a hypothetical theory.

How does the creature get on an asteroid that isn’t irrevocably falling? It would have to reach escape velocity and breach the gravity well, which real rockets need a lot of fuel (read: power and energy) to do.
A natural pressure suit would be advantageous for a creature with such control over its altitude, but the creature’s existence is already complete bull.

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Yeah, pretty much. But an advanced species could possibly make a creature like this as some sort of biological weapon, placing them on asteroids or pods to send them off to targeted worlds.

If I were to design a biological weapon, I’d be sure to give it as many senses as it can. Being limited to hearing sucks when you like to travel through a soundless (lack of) medium. I get that there might be some kind of budget, but more senses should pay for themselves.

But hunting through hypersonic hearing can prove some limitations for the species its being used against.

You talk, scream, sneeze, if you make any noise, you’ll die. It can be both biological and psychological warfare.

hypersonic hearing? As in, hearing creatures flying at over mach 5 in the lower atmosphere or something?

Correct, but also on the ground I believe.

Still, you do know mach 5 is 5 times the speed of sound? There aren’t a lot of creatures that can move at that speed, and except for rockets (which go straight up and don’t do it for a very long time) we can’t either

I feel like their planet blew up. The movie showed their exoskeleton in indestructable.

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indestructible? i don’t think that’s realistic

Yea i agree

Indestructable is entirely plausible. Remember, it has the whole concept of exoskeletal armor, impenetrable to bullets.

What about nukes, nukes solve all problems

Again, launching a nuke would make sound. These creatures hunt by sound.

But as soon as they hear it their dead and they have no idea what a nuke is