I Exist

I don’t know why but I exist. I am here to ask questions. I sure do hope that I don’t get obliterated by a photon resonator placed within my central processing chamber. anyways, greetings. also I would like to inform you I have spent some time browsing this just to figure out what thrive might be. and that is why I want to ask questions.


Welcome to the community forums, hope you enjoy your stay here.

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the Thrive Community Forums! Hope you have a good time!

We welcome you to this hive of nonsense.
Glad to have you here!

Welvome to the commmunity forum br br

Greetings, Bingus. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Hi I’m late. Anyways congrats on existing, took me until 10 yo to achieve such heights.