I have a new idea for making the game available to Mac and linux and to the 32 bit systems

So, what my idea is is that you guys could ( or I could) update the launcher to were all of the game systems were included, and the only difference between that and the game would run from an virtual machine, that either we would make or use a free one called “Virtual Box”. This would then run the virtual machine, running the rest of the game launcher run as normal using the latest windows edition (therefore you wouldn’t have to make multiple games for each system.).

P.S. Thanks for helping me make an account :slight_smile:


I don’t know what that is but if it means Thrive for Mac then I second it!

The biggest issue with virtualization is performance. I’d expect this to perform really poorly. AFAIK the only way to have good virtualization performance is to have a second graphics card that is dedicated for the virtual machine to use. And the second thing is that CPU virtualization support is a must, which AFAIK can’t be done on a 32-bit CPU to virtualize a 64-bit CPU.

Btw the game is already available for Linux, no need to do anything special there. And this wouldn’t resolve the biggest issue that I (or any other programmer) don’t have a mac, so even if this were attempted we would basically have to do this “blind” through trial and error. So I don’t really see how this could work. And this is probably way more work than adding support for 32 bit builds on Windows. Okay maybe this would be less work on mac, but the end result is probably quite unplayable.


Ok… well I was trying to figure out how to play the game on my 32bit system, and I came across virtual machines, thanks for the reply, and I understand now why not.