Ideas for the Multicellular Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

My thoughts are the developers need to focus to get the game out. I like to be able to play through the stages before I die of old age no offense. There is nothing wrong with weird of wacky, but the game is focusing on realism. So there would need to be something realistic that can be built to reach that point.


make sense. i understand your concerns

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you realize realism is weird and wacky?

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@Deathwake You realize you haven’t answered this question yet? (would also be better to answer in the Ideas for the Awakening Stage thread)


Thrive was never about getting a game out to the world, it was about making a game greater than any one person could make, made by random people who fully supported the idea of such a game, built upon the dreams of dozens of game devs who contributed hundreds of hours to an idea that others thought was impossible. That is the meaning of Thrive.


Oh sorry about that. Uh, it’s not required for tool use, or even space flight. But it’s one of the main paths I know of to fulfill a need, specifically having a society at all. You see, you need a dynamic society to do, well, most stuff, try developing technology when you make a tool and you’re solitary so it’s quickly forgotten after your death. You might think this can be done without empathy, but I just don’t see it. The thing is society isn’t a thing that happens, and it’s good if empathy cause then less people die, it’s a thing that people make. why would people make a society? if it betters them? it doesnt. It takes millennia to get returns from society, while in the short term you pay taxes, get oppressed, do wars, ect. Society is based on mutual agreement and cooperation, even if you think society is imposed from without I’d say that empathy is still necessary. One of the main tools used by authoritarians, as well as literally everyone has ever tried to convince anyone to agree with them on anything, is a story to hold in common. Be it Zeus the almighty, Abrahamic God the almightier, the founding fathers the freedom-loving, the proletariat that’ll inevitably take over and instituting marxism, or even vaguer ideas, like the idea that humans are unique among the beasts, or that people deserve what they get. Ideas like this are based on understanding the characters or stand-ins in a story as people, a basically empathetic skill. These stories are what separate a nation from a state, but beyond that they prevent a state from falling apart as the bureaucrats holding it together dont have a stable currency (the dollar is a story, as is the euro, and capitalism, and socialism for that matter), the army from taking over (a command structure could be held together via lower mammalian level social functions, which are only basic level empathy, but without a believable story only a wolf pack worth of people could be loyal and not totally anarchist), and so many other things are based on stories.

I think there are alternatives to empathy. Hive minds come to mind, as do single, immortal entities like a mind controlling fungus that splits off drones to take over animals and gather resources, recruit, and get info until it dies and its brain shroom forms a mycelial connection with the main body to add the information to the store. Tons of cool ways to not use empathy but SAWK (me talking out of my Belgium, it stands for Society as we known it) is reliant on empathy.

i think that both should be possible or if you reproduce in binding mode 2+ gens after getting the proteins you should become multicellular due to the fact that A. it would cause a failed cellular fission and B. not many players would know and would likely go for the route there is an obvious button for

there should be an option for that but even if it is on it should tell you long enough before it happens that you can sufficiently prepare

The one problem with current design phylosophy for the macroscopic editor is how do you design complex limbs and organs with it, even after I read all of the dev forum on this possible matter, I still don’t get it.
If I were able to give in idea, is that you create the organism with the “meatballs”, but it will be a simple, but you are able to select part of the body and that you can design deeper with some sort of indepth tool or something. Like adding Bones, where should the bones be and such.

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Im pretty sure that they will use the bones as a framework for procedural animation.

Why have many things when few do trick?

My idea is that to specify joints, we can go with a very simple system of allowing the player to click on a metaball and say that this is a joint that rotates around that metaball’s parent metaball. No need to have 2 overlapping systems where you’d first need to build a skeleton from sticks and then place metaballs all over it to define the visible shape.


Yeah but I still don’t know will you design more hardly defined bodyparts. If the meatballs will be other shapes the just a ball and have the merge Slider like in elysian eclipse I can see that working. But what about jaws, eyes and other delicate organs?

The metaballs just define the surface, the spheres aren’t literally the surface. Due to the convolution surface code not being ready the metaballs are currently only visualized as spheres.

You should re-read the info topic on convolution surfaces and how they are generated based on the metaballs:

It says “alternative to metaballs” but convolution surface algorithm can eat a list of metaballs to work off of as long as each metaball has a defined parent (i.e. the metaballs form a graph).


I would like to see it put into practice in the macroscopic editor.

I have a idea- to add penicillin!
The word, “Penicillin”, is just a name of a type of matters which can effect the cell walls to composite

Sounds like a type of toxin that could be implemented, but it would not be called “Penicillin”, probably.

it should also only affect you if you have a certain membrane and not enough mass and(like in real life) be named after the species that evolved it first if possible

Maybe in multicellular stage, you can turn your toxin vacuoles be a “penicillin organ”(idk how to name it).

A problem here: the colors are not enough to show many different kinds of penicillins.

well they kill bacteria by stopping them from building a new cell wall so if you just don’t have a bacterial cell wall you are immune to all of them but if you have a bacterial cell wall you should only need to differentiate between penicillins you are immune to and ones you are weak to so one color for penicillins that don’t affect you and a different color for ones that do

In the version 0.6.0, we can change the kind of cell walls. So the color will change, too?