Ideas for the Multicellular Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

Why have many things when few do trick?

My idea is that to specify joints, we can go with a very simple system of allowing the player to click on a metaball and say that this is a joint that rotates around that metaball’s parent metaball. No need to have 2 overlapping systems where you’d first need to build a skeleton from sticks and then place metaballs all over it to define the visible shape.

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Yeah but I still don’t know will you design more hardly defined bodyparts. If the meatballs will be other shapes the just a ball and have the merge Slider like in elysian eclipse I can see that working. But what about jaws, eyes and other delicate organs?

The metaballs just define the surface, the spheres aren’t literally the surface. Due to the convolution surface code not being ready the metaballs are currently only visualized as spheres.

You should re-read the info topic on convolution surfaces and how they are generated based on the metaballs:

It says “alternative to metaballs” but convolution surface algorithm can eat a list of metaballs to work off of as long as each metaball has a defined parent (i.e. the metaballs form a graph).


I would like to see it put into practice in the macroscopic editor.