If you play minecraft bedrock edition please put your gamertag here

mine is willow or moongarnet if the server has not processed it yet

I play java


i also play java but i only play modded on java but if you want i could put the modpack i use in a link

if you want we could do like…a sevtech server or infinity evolved server or something like that

looks at fralegend015

Make I’m join our world and then I will join with the two of you when I have internet (I promise to try not do nefarious crimes)

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ok fral

@fralegend015 so to be clear u want him to join our infinity evolved server, then when u join u will commit crimes against ant-kind?

i should make a new skin for this because my current one is literally a purple succubus in a red and blue bikini

im not gonna even ask why.

yeah. i think it’s best that i do not get asked why.

Why? I am very interested in hearing your story.

i don’t think i am allowed to say on this forum

sooo…when server

do you want to see the skin i just made @Nigel @fralegend015
it’s a skulk astronaut skin

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@Nigel which infinity evolved do i download. i am using curseforge

the reloaded version lemme see
this one

are there any mods i will need to download into the pack excluding the already there ones

nope! we arent that fancy

Also @willow, im gonna have dinner in a tiny bit, so after that ig i will start up the server. However, maybe we need to start a P.M. lol

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yeah. this is getting off topic so i agree
EDIT: i made the PM thing

Mine is John Egbert2378
and this:
Is my skin.

I joined sipover’s next event and downloaded the needed mods