I'll draw your organisms (Jellyfishmons)

overall head shape for (1) is great, (2) has better eyes. also I love (1)'s feather crown but don’t add too many of those, it has more bat like wings than bird ones so feathers are a nice accent tool but not a main structural design element.

I was going to go for a yi qi like wings but with less feathers or should I just do bat wings

now that I think about it its probably best to not have feathers on it if the body doesn’t

you could do feathers along the arms up to the wrist but the wings themselves are skin

So this thing is about the size of a griffon vulture right just longer because of its tail

griffon vulture

body is 4 feet, wing span 9 feet
(i do not own this photo)

Sorry @jellyfishmon, forgot to reply. Anyways, yes, i meant the latter, should have cleared that up.

@Askyw Here you go, man im on fire today thats two in one day

Anak' Leboris

Random update: seems my parents deleted spore on their old computer where most of my creations (including the creatures that Skomuus and Brettero was based off of, and those were their original names) is now gone, rest in peace old spore creations :frowning:

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sorry to hear that but cheer up Brettero will be reincarnated as my next drawing

Thanks. In fact, most of what i put in my TU post was based off of my old spore stuff, with me referencing the original planet Skomuus was on, and how the oceans where red (albeit making it scientifically accurate) and other things.

I see thats cool by the way im starting to run out of organisms to draw so if you feel like adding some more go right ahead

alright, will do!


why the hell is that the first thing that came to mind?

better question why does that trigger my pdsd

dunno carnivourus mangos are dangerous man better watch out!
also it is PTSD

no I have Post Dramatic Stress Disorder

This request is more or less a joke, but figured i could see what you could do with it

Randomicus No-Contexticus

A rather wasteful creature, having barely any impact on the world whatsoever. Its head is perfectly spherical, having a cylinder-like body and no arms or legs, movement methods are unknown. Its eyes are narrow, having vertical shape most of the time, but can shape its eyes and mouth to form various emoticon-like shapes. Its diet consists of mostly microwaveable sandwiches containing ham and cheddar cheese, along with grape flavored carbonated drinks. The habitat it lives in is enclosed, having all it could want in the small space, almost never coming to the outdoors unless necessary.

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I’ve never heard of such a creature before, yet it feels familiar…

THIS IS TOO FREAKING ADORABLE THANK YOU :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart_decoration::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

its been awhile but here @BowlDawg this is a rough draft I made tell me if you want something changed
also I made a discord for discussing stuff about the animals



The ears could be wider and the tail could be a longer, other than that its great!