I'll draw your organisms

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The Kag’s head is my profile picture, just so you know.
The fins come off of the bottom of the body.

I quite like this Kag, you can keep it like that if it suits you.

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ok im going to give him some lion fish style fins and add bio-luminescent spots on his fins :+1:

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Not sure if i am allowed to make more than one request, but here is another thing i had floating around in my head:

Species: Brettero

A tough mammal roughly the size of apes, living in cooler climates and forested areas. Their diet consists entirely of fruits, berries, and occasionally other plant matter. The Brettero look big and burly, having a body structure that looks like a cross between a bear and a gorilla. They stand mainly upright to climb trees for fruits easier. The Brettero have no eyes, and rely heavily on smell and touch to get around. Their hands and feet look similar to a bear paws, with the hands shaped in a way to climb easily. They have mouths similar to warthogs, capable of crushing the pits of fruits to pieces. They (finally) have black fur with white stripes along their back, and occasionally spots on the forearms.

(Askyw) #24

I have already dabbled at drawing this myself but I wondered how someone would draw it baised purely off my discription of it. if you want I cand link you to the thread that has my drawing of the head.

P.S. every word of detail in the post is on purpose and I rechecked every definition for all words before I used them.

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It’s not as fancy as the others but: a chinchilla/chinchilla-like rodent with wings. That would be the cutest creature possible.

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I must say, the idea for this thread is quite ingenious.
Sometimes people need some fresh ideas for their creatures, instead of repeating the same-old thing…
I congratulate you!

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yes im still doing it and you can submit more then once but i ask that you wait a day to post a new one just so others can get a chance

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Alright, this is my first time doing this. If you have questions ask.

Species: Galser


The Galser are a carnivorous bipedal sentient race with an average height of 3 meters and fur colors ranging from grey to white. Some Galser have stripes from black to sand as they live in snowy taiga environments. Galser also have a tail about double their height used for balance in gravity more than double our own. Due to the high gravity of their planet, Galser are built light, the average weight of a Galser is 81kg in their own gravity. Galser have horns on the back of the head, the highest length being 40 centimeters. (An easy way to tell the age of a Galser is to check their horn length.) Evolutionary speaking, the Galser recently came out of a quadruped form. (100mya)

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you dont have to summarize chat and questions lol

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God i love doing these there so fun and help alot with practicing,
also sorry it took so long i was trying out a more dynamic pose so i had to work out some stuff :slight_smile:
Species: Kag’naruah


(Grdfala) #36

Natural selection does affect color, they are thin and have a hollow bone structure and their light weight compared to other species allows high agility.

Does that answer your questions?


yes it does and thanks for responding so quick do they have four lims or more


no i deleted the picture and am creating the description right know as well

nice drawing by the way would you think of adding color

(Grdfala) #40

Two arms, two legs

(α•α‰ΏαŠ­α•αˆαˆ­αˆ¨α‰Ώ αˆ¨α‹α‹ͺα‹•) #41

oh ok and thank you

(The Goat Mod) #42

Could you draw an Ijor? (Original drawing by Biologicah)

(The Third Duke of Silly) #43

Well hot diddly darn, that looks great!
Good job on it!

Summary Dekl

they live on a planet with a fluctuating gravity and are known for their banshee like appearance they wear clothing like the middle ages (Japanese) on there belt they wear, it bears there clan symbol(would like a cloud). they don’t need air but they need their highly acidic atmosphere or they will die. their hands are made up of a material not known to man. Their hands can change in to nearly any object they need. Lastly they have four sets of legs used to steer and move through the water like fog of acid, as well as one set of arms. they live in cities far underground in the fog. The only sets of bones are in his body and his arms can mold to what he wants.

Summary planet

Kryolon oceans made up of an acid fog land masses own half this world. Both land and sea are owned by creatures alike.

Serpenton(will send later if not busy) updated

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@doodlegod please put your details in a hidden folder and for stuff that goes with an Organism can be in the same post just put it like this just to keep everything clean
Also I updated rules and other information at the top please have a look everyone thank you

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@Aquos I remastered the image but would have preferred a description.
so if this isnt what you where looking for then send the description and ill redo it no problem
P.S. to the others waiting sorry, this just seemed easy so I did it first scene I was just remastering a photo
thank you for understanding :slight_smile: