I'll draw your organisms

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #69

@Askyw Im having a hard time with your organism I have a rough draft I made in the car but dont know about it, mostly the head if you dont like this head then ill make a couple more and you can choose. Also please excuse the bad body sketch i was in a car so it was difficult

Anak’ Leboris

(Askyw) #70

This is my drawing of it.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #71

ya that’s way different so you want more of a pterodactyl head right

(Askyw) #72

I mean it’s basically a flying raptor

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #73

what about the body ill make some changes in the final one but is it for the most part is it what you want
also should i make a discord or something for stuff like this so we dont clog up the thread?

(Askyw) #74

It needs bigger talons and a more Spade-y tail, like the ones on playing cards. also the wings seem to be a bit too large for it’s body
also it’s knees bend the other way, like most birds.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #75

sooo… in other words change the whole thing lol and at this size it would need big wings in order to fly (these are probably not big enough tbh) but in stuff like this design comes over realism so if you want ill make them smaller

(Askyw) #76

well the overall body shape you nailed, it is just the rest that you need to change :stuck_out_tongue:
also seeing as you like avatar use the birds they ride in that for an Idea on what I want
they are very similar to what I made

(Askyw) #77

double post sorry (didn’t want to edit the same post 6 times, sue me)

dont forget the 8 (4per jaw) molars in the back of the mouth, you seemed to miss that detail in the original sketch.

they dont have to be as pronounced as my drawing but should still be there

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #78

their there but i was in a car so it was difficult to have them show much also most would be hidden behind the mouth skin thing
P.S. the teeth are based off of bat teeth there crazy looking you should look them up

(Askyw) #79

all I see are more canines in the back not molars, and yes I know how fugly bat teeth are

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #80

I was going for dog molars for breaking bones and chewing they will be more pronounced in the final one

(Askyw) #81

Anak’ Leboris are omnivores so keep that in mind, they also, due to the weight limitations, do not have enough bite force to break bones.

I think you also need a bigger canvas to draw it on so you can actually add the finer details.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #82

oh sorry I must have mixed your bio with someone else’s because I could have sworn you said they eat bones too also this is just a thumb nail thats why its so small

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #83

I was right
also what type of animals molars do you want to base them off of I was thinking bear or dog
you should put small bones then in the bio
and for tomorrow ill make some thumb nails and you can tell me what one you want :slight_smile:

(Askyw) #84

what I meant was they lack enough bite force to break bones like Femurs and things of that nature. also due to their hollow bones they would be liable to break their jaws (even though their jaw bones are more dense than other bones) the Molars are meant for small bones and plant matter.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #85

one final thing before i go to sleep any particular poses you want?

(Askyw) #86

nope that is all up to you, something dramatic like it bearing down on you from above with outstretched talons would be nice but IDRGAF.

(The Goat Mod) #87

Whilst the drawing is very good, the head is still not fully accurate. The proboscis-like beak looks a lot more like a mosquito’s mouth thing, and they have two pairs of eyes. If you don’t want to redo it though, I don’t really care that much. It’s still a really good drawing, so thanks anyways. :smiley:

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #88

god dammit so close anyway i fixed it in the previous photo so I didnt have to make another post also I thought the proboscis would be more efficient having a more hooked shape so it could ether jab it in with its head or hold it with its large front arms and eat it like that but it would be hard to do with a strait one it could only spear it making the large front arms useless for hunting