I'll draw your organisms

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Does he still draw organism and stuff

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@jellyfishmon Hey my boy.

When you get back from dealing with life, would you care to draw a Sarduan? I’ll include the bio below.

Slithery bois

Sarduan, combatant and military-driven, are a race of sentient snake-like hematophagous vertebrates indigenious to Rillin. The Sarduan are considered to be one of the more powerful empires in the Milky Way Galaxy, granted their possession of advanced firearms and weaponry. Their length ranges to around 26 feet, though when ‘standing’ (as in lifting the front part of their body, particulary the stomach and face) they reach to about 5 to 6 feet. With a 1 foot span in width, they digest prey similar to Earths’ pythons and other Serpentes.

To communicate with eachother, they possess a form of stridulation in their back legs (though these legs are present a form of propulsion and defense, they have no use in handling objects) by rubbing them together to produce sound. Since Humans don’t possess a form of this communication, it is burdensome when attempting verbal speech with this race, and written language is no different (they a have language composed of hieroglyphic imagery). They have two tentacle-like arms protruding from their sides, with enough muscle to operate equipment and weapons with ease. They have a mouth that is split into six individual segments, and rougly take the appearance of a tentacle. Inside the composition of the head is a pharynx, with molars and incisors lining the throat.

They have two compound eyes, consisting of an array of numerous visual units, found in many other organisms related to Insects and Crustaceans. Near the eyes are auditory ostiums, with respiratory openings within the same area, which would be mistaken for gills.

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yes I am resurrecting this thread or trying to anyways

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Hey, would you mind making a rendition of these aquatic species?


On’uh are intelligent organisms, native to planet Diophoxin in the Jiucrudoya oceans. They’re around 19 feet in legnth. They have a certain significance in intelligence, able to construct spears and other weapons to smaller creatures. They have 4 total eyes.

Diet :

On’uh have been observed to stalk Gromolocarin, then attack them with spears in large groups. Usually, they would tear limbs off of the prey to eat, or just general pieces of the body. They are successful carnivores on Diophoxin, and one of the largest organisms present.

Reproduction :

On’uh reproduce sexually by laying large amounts of eggs in caves, defending them from scavengers and other predators.

This drawing was originally done by me, but it was for @JBot.