Immortal chat (Forum game) - official

I believe it was @Holy_Brussy, they didn’t give it in the main immortal thread (though they might have given it in one of the pms idk)

Edit: yeah they gave a race sheet but not a character sheet in the chats

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one step for study how to do a real life immortal
(help me)

Ngl that all looks like a fun time for me

Doom is going to make immortal in real life?!?!

That the plan.
I think its is

Are you also going to rewrite the laws of the universe to make magic?

I just need to find some…

dibs on my immortal

The gang is all together
Planning to hangout


Bro looks high af


blame the artist (TOTALLY not me) for making him look like that

that pic reminds me something - i finally partly restore the painter (clip studio) and got a big update that I want to try
but I wish to first of all to succ in my last retest in this Friday
so maybe later this week


Tests suck

I myself am taking the SAT today

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Finaly, all the stuff needed to do its done for now
That mean -
Preper u all to the next round!
Estimated- up to 36 hours from now (probebley in the next 16 hours from now if i manege to arenge all)


Does @Holy_Brussy still need to submit a character sheet?

He still need to
I waited atlist 2 weeks
I cant wait longer u know

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I was just curious if they had dmed it to you. They last posted the day they joined so I believe they were likely the ‘log on once and done’ type of user

I seen like
But i have no right to judge people on base on they behaver

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Well, I do.


He does