In Depth Food Paths

This is probably stupid but i wanted to share it. I was thinking if there will there be a choice to become a insectivore or have other specific diets. I mean herbivores, carnivores and omnivores are fun and all but i just think that would expand the game-play from just having three choices of food. I was just wondering if they would add this to the game.

It’s not stupid, it has been discused, including parasitic lifeforms played by the user. Besides, the species in your creature planet may be very diverse, having traits from multiple kinds of creatures.
Also, you must remember that insectivores are a subset from carnivorous creatures. If you eat a insect like creature it makes you both a carnivorous and an insectivore.

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We could have a system which proposes the three “Original” options and then if you want, you could choose a subcategory in those categories.

• Exudativore
• Gumivore: eating tree gum
• Folivore
• Florivore
• Frugivore
• Graminivore
• Granivore
• Nectarivore
• Palynivore

I think your creature’s diet will be more a result of its biology and the choices you make in that regard. It would be weird if you just had to choose out of a set of options regardless of your creature’s biology.


I agree with Bur.
If you look into the diets of most animals on earth, diets aren’t always preset (ex. many ungulates though herbivores can be opportunistic omnivores if say a baby chick walks to near them when their hungry).
Animals eat what they primarily because their ability to digest things(ex. though horses can sometimes eat small quantities of meat they have neither the teeth nor the digestive system to easily digest it efficiently), practicality of obtaining prey(ex. horses may eat a small defenseless chick but it would be ridiculously in efficient for them to attack, kill and eat say a deer), and requirements for certain quantities or nutrients in a food source (ex. small insects can survive on the nectar of plants but this would be fairly impractical for a larger energy hungry horse).
I think if we wish to have a game as close to real life as possible, having opportunist animals would be much better than preset ones as it would form food webs and hierarchies of energy consumption much more fluidly.