Is it possible to go to space without take over the planet?

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Hello, as you know, in human history there were many civilizations and no one of them has managed to take over the planet. So, is it possible to go to space without conquered everything (which will leed to space race I think)? Or you need to destroy every other nations before get to that stage? I was just curious.

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I think it would be possible to explore space, but it should be harder to maintain the governments of other planets with out having some sort of at least united union of governments. Somthing that speaks with one voice, and that can support it’s self with little to no conflict.

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In other words, it will probably allow more than Spore on that front.

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It’s not fixed yet so no one knows, this is all crazy speculation with no value.

I think it’s an interesting question, I’d quite like it if you could play as a pacifist, maybe if you’r every into trade or religion or something. And for this reason it makes it a bit weird for you to somehow take over your whole planet.

One option I’ve been mulling over recently is a bit like Empire of the Fading Suns. Basically each planet has a bunch of areas on it, sort of country sized, and they stay seperate even into the late space stage. So you can have battles on a planet where three factions each own a part of it and fight for control, or you can be a space faring CIV that still only has 1 city on 1 planet but is maybe space pope or ULTRA Venice or something.

I think the downsides of this is it may mean there is way too much micromanagement, you really don’t want to be setting build queues for 100 cities on 100 planets. However if we went a pretty gamey route it might work. It would be cool if you could look at a primitive planet and pick one civ on it to give uplift tech to. Or if each zone had different creatures living there and you could interfere with the life. Not sure if that’s all too crazy.


I’d like to let the player go to space without unifying their planet if they want. But it should be highly incentivised by for example making it a large disadvantage. That could be achieved by for example having the other nations on your planet have a very high chance of becoming war-like when you are exploring space and spending most of your production on space tech and not on tanks. So the player would get rolled over on their own planet if they didn’t unify it before heading to space. That scenario probably shouldn’t be a game over but the government type and ethics of the player would be replaced by the ones from other nations on their planet.

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Well, if you think, nothing stops you to tech to other nations, even if it’s primitive. And same go with the interve part. Also, I kinda liked the part of 1 city on 1 planet. If you have treaty with other nations and civilizations, then you will have limit. As I know, there is already treaty that stop countries (not companies for some reason) to have land on space. But that “don’t tuch the space” doesn’t work here, Thrive is game at first place, not 100% realistic non-fantasy simulator. Of coure you can still have limit (and probably to build colony will be extra expensive), and same go with the other nations, I mean, if you have treaty. (if that is possible, after all, you are the devs, you have life and can’t do everything)

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Yeah, other nations will be a important part of the space thing. But at some time the nations will act like one civilization, not everyone will want that “let’s be one and live in peace, lets’ be equal”, even the nations which are part of “let’s be one” will have differences, but they won’t make wars for nothing. But it depends on the behavior I guess.

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By the way, how expensive will be one spaceship? (or satellte, rocket and ect.)

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It’s all very up in the air, it’s not even decided what sort of currency you’ll have in the strategy stages. I quite like the idea of atoms, calories, energy and compute but those are pretty abstract :slight_smile:

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I just hope converting units to bigger ones won’t be added until later, so I’ll have to try to obtain 789456459674564756475454354534534535512387617845784578 atoms for my new spaceship.

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If we used scientific notation that would be 7.9 x 10^53 which is much more manageable :slight_smile:

Hold on to your hat though because with fission and fusion you might be able to turn matter into energy at a pretty good rate of exchange

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Well, to turn matter (dark matter, right?) into energy sounds pretty interesting. That is something that I would like to see. :slight_smile:


I don’t agree with that approach. Technology shrinks the universe, so a species’ homeworld will have to unite at some point - but there’s no reason to force that into a contrived transition period between ‘earth-bound’ and ‘spacefaring’. If anything, the colonization of space would slow down unification by giving factions access to unclaimed land and resources and lowering their incentive to compete with others.

An actual example of this, I think, is historical colonialism. Early modern Europeans fought plenty of wars among themselves, but rarely total wars of conquest - there was always more land to be claimed elsewhere; more wealth in the East Indies than the neighboring German province. It’s possible that this constantly expanding frontier was a reason Europe never united like the classical Mediterranean or China. That’s purely speculation on my part, but it’s worth noting that WWI broke out just after the last phase of European expansion (the Scramble for Africa).