Is there a particular reason why the cellular isn't 3D?

It just seems like a very easy way to distinguish it from Spore is if right away, the cellular stage was 3D. Is there a reason this people decided against that?

But it is 3D

I think he means that why it doesn’t use 3d movement. So even if the graphics are 3d the gameplay is 2d.

It’s been debated quite heavily. The main argument is that 3d wouldn’t add much to the experience only difficulties and complexity. And the eventual transition to full 3d movement will be more impressive. I don’t have any links to previous discussion on hand and I can’t remember all the arguments, hopefully that was enough of an answer or someone can offer more reasons.

I think that makes sense. One of my concerns was just that people would look at it and say “oh, it’s just a copy of spore.”

Here’s @NickTheNick’s list of reasons for choosing 2D over 3D which he posted in the developer Slack a while ago: