Issue with cell colonies

Note: When they detach, they still respond to engulf/bind mode, but you can’t bind to them unless you unbind first
I’ve been having an issue with colonies where:

  1. (A) Colony member(s) would randomly detach from the colony whilst in engulf or bind mode.

  2. If you touch another cell whilst already in a colony and in binding mode the entire colony detaches.

  3. When moving around, the cells in the colony collide into each other, causing you to get pushed around.

4.I saw somewhere that colony members aren’t mean to slow down the player, but they were slowing me down.

Do you mean actually detach or this bug:


Sometimes the cells “detach” for no reason so they aren’t physically attached, but still part of the colony.

If you actually detach the colony members (or disband the colony by pressing U), they should properly start running the AI and acting independently again.

I do mean that bug, yes

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