Issues Launching the Game

I legitimately can’t run the game from the launcher, or at all. That’s the entire problem. When I try to run it, I get this error message: Playing Thrive failed, File 'Thrive_0.5.3.1_windows_desktop.7 -

I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Can anyone give me some assistance?

Assuming this path exists: ERROR: The system cannot find the path specified. C:\Users\MEBSP~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Revolutionary-Games-Launcher\Thrive_0.5.3.1_windows_desktop.7z
It’s probably a permissions issue.
One other person has had this issue before, and for that person I coded a new feature where you can select the dehydrated cache location, and that fixed the problem. Unfortunately for the temporary downloads folder, it is not configurable.
So for now as a workaround, you’ll need to make sure the contained 7zip executable has read permission on the AppData path I included above. Or you need to manually unzip the game and run it that way.

I opened a new issue specifically to track fixing this problem:

Could I in theory create a new folder and move the entire game and all its data there in order to run the game?

That was my second suggestion that you head here: Releases · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub and download the release manually and unzip it. The reason why we recommend the launcher is that I don’t want to act as tech support for people who can’t figure out what to do with a .7z file.