Languages, Interactions & Currency

How will you communicate with alien races? Will you have a language translator? Will they speak in their own language? And what will be currency? Spice? Some sort of money?

Perhaps you could let an alien fish crawl into your ear (bonus points if you understand the reference)

You could go even farther with this and go Doctor Who where the doctors ship (TARDIS) gives them the ability to let them hear any alien language.

Personally, I think that we should go the Stellaris direction for sound decision. Whenever you open diplomacy with an other empire, you hear a random animal noice.

As for language decryptio, I think it should be some kind of research project. How exactly itโ€™d work though, I have no idea for.

What about spore mumble-jumble?
no shamans

Eh, I feel like random animal noices would be more realistic

Animal sound mixing with a few other noises thrown into the mix?
Subnautica ripoff

Perhaps. (padding for the neccesary 10 characters here)

Necro time, I would suggest a stellaris approach to this, you need to discover an alien race before you can research their communications. This is probably the most realistic way of do this unlike a universal translator that other games have since they seem to translate languages of species youโ€™ve never met. The larger the communication difference the longer it takes to research maybe? This would lead to periods of contact where neither side can communicate and it could lead to early political misunderstandings and maybe even war.

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Like Arrival, but not actually Arrival, right? Where your ships are just staring at each other and you are trying to figure out whatโ€™s the deal.

Yeah, something that has a totally different way of communicating that your species will take longer to translate than if there was another species that communicates the say way.

In the stellaris trailer they show aliens destroying a colony ship because it didnโ€™t respond to messages to turn away, and they studied our language from the shipโ€™s logs to open diplomacy.

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