Launcher 1.1.1 Won't Run

I installed the .deb, and had to fix the permissions on chrome-sandbox. Now when run from bash it gives the error “Trace/breakpoint trap” and dies, which is a bit of a dead end. Any help would be appreciated.

Does it print anything else? The launcher is an electron application. I would imagine that there is some information available online about running those kind of applications on your distro.

Nope, it just prints “Trace/breakpoint trap”. My distro is Debian, by the way. I’ll look into electron a bit.

This is the problem I ran into first:

Okay, sorry for the triple post, but I just got it to run by adding a --no-sandbox option.

Good that you got it running. Thrive also uses chromium and by default tries to use the sandbox, so you might need to select the option to run the Thrive GUI without sandbox from the launcher.

It looks like I don’t have a recent enough glibc anyway. What distro are you aiming for when you devs compile Thrive?

I’m just compiling it with whatever I have at the time. Which is usually (almost) the latest Fedora. Right now I have Fedora 30 as I’m waiting a bit before updating to 31.
I would like to either bundle glibc with the game or make flatpak versions to help with this, but I’ve been prioritizing different issues.