Leader's Special

A faith of a country is determined by it’s leader so we gotta make leaders in thrive make an effect to the gameplay,it will be like stats:it will devide into:sympathy,talker,war planner,developer(no not that kind).
Sympathy:caring and knowing what the people are thinking,will give you choices that make your people support your actions,reduce the chaos in the country,better interacting with other countries
Talker:have very inspiring words,can make people agree to them more of your action,the choices that you make will gain more positive effects and make other countries have a less negative look at your country when you do something bad and gain more positive look at your country ehen you do something good also very good at politics
War planner:better at wars,have less training time to train troops,can do choices that have a higher chance to have war(if you want to),troops does more attack and defence
Developer:focus more on developing your country,have higher production efficentcy,get more technologies,higher population growth.
These will be determind how much that leader is by percentage so it is limited

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Are you talking about political look i dont want you to have agrument okay but have you read the rules?

Im not talking about religion just faith is in like destiny the leader just make your gameplay diffrent

His response was definitely not political just a statement of the facts of leaders and the actual way that beliefs usually spread. Also if you were not talking about religious beliefs you should pick your words a bit more carefully because it’s easy to misinterpret what you are trying to say if you aren’t super clear about it.

Oh common im not talking about relgion and im not english YOLO

The word you meant was “fate” (i assume)

Yeah sound the same so i thought write the same

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Well since this is back up on the board, my eye has caught it so POST TIME! I believe these are all good but there should be hybrid leaders as well, such as a speaker/war planner mix, that would = the usual successful dictator. If I recall we also said there would be a political party/faction system, and if that’s the case then each political party would have it’s own leader who could gain power. (I am sorry for bringing this up again but) Stellaris did a good faction and leader system, maybe we could do a combo where they are directly related to one another. Also leaders should diffidently have a large® impact on the government than what stellaris did though (it was more based on most powerful factions).


I have an idea. What if the leaders had special traits, that would have strategic advantage and disadvantage and also agendas would be cool. When you would be choosing the next ruler in monarchy you should choose the best that is the best or that fits your play style.


I mean it depends on the succesion law

Yeah nice, I think having a cool leaders system would be nice. I love CK2 and I don’t really like how Stellaris just gives you a choice of 3.

One possibility is if each pop in a city has a faction alignment. That means you automatically get factional conflict in your cities and also different pops will favour different leaders.

I think one interesting way of doing factions is with all measurable things. Like maybe one faction wants military spending >20% of GDP and another wants <5%, things like that. Different leaders could have preferences too.