Low quality settings

could there be a low quality settings mode for people with worse computers?

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Graphics wise? Yeah. I’d bet you could. Physics is the real cpu killer though. The shear amount of rendering and advanced modeling in especially the unbuilt aware and awakening stages wouldn’t be able to be turned down. That would kill your PC. Like no joke I fear for mine, it’s getting pretty old and by the time aware prototypes start being made it’ll be nearly useless, and I won’t even try those stages on it. I’d say that by the time a given stage comes out a decent computer will be able to handle it, so don’t use a cruddy computer and you’ll be fine. it’s always funny when you compare the development of this game to the march of technology lol.

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I just replied to another thread that I don’t think the current graphics are in any way a performance bottleneck:

which (the bottleneck) seems to be single thread CPU performance actually.

when I load thrive it only uses 15 percent of my cpu and 23 percent of my graphics card, not as intense rn, what my computer fears is the auto evo, after gen 100 it starts to go downhill

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I had to turn off the auto evo during gameplay setting, as it was lagging may laptop too much. I tend to get fps drops as cells get more advanced, Multicell for me runs at a crisp 16-27 FPS with all the large cells about.

100 gens? I’m only getting 80 without 2min load times
Edit: sorry for the necropost