Macroscopic Organisms

A thread to post and describe your macroscopic creations in.


you created this post a little too soon, but ok! :hugs: :clock3:


Tho, I won’t be able to post any creatures since i’m on vacation right now

You can post ur creatures guys

No creatures ;(?

Please stop double posting for no reason, you can edit your previous post and it will bump the thread all the same.
I edited your message and removed the double post.


I mean… we can show our creatures but they’d just be balls right now…

People showed their creations on the community Discord.

For example this:

Link: Discord


well, we can use something called “meat ball” (don’t get confused with the real ones ok), basically it’s a sphere object, but it can mix with other meat balls, with adjustments, this can look like real biological tissue! :cut_of_meat::anatomical_heart: :dna:

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How did u done that with saving?

I don’t understand what you are asking.

I didn’t make that thing shown in the screenshot, I just linked to it from discord. I included a link to the original message on discord. It’s relatively quickly to make something like that, you just need to hit done every now and then to exit the editor and come right back into it to continue.

Btw, why the player has to exit editor to edit their creation if there is no macro gameplay?
It would be better if instead player had infinite mp in macro editir, before gameplay is added.

It would have been wasted work to do it any other way. This way once the macroscopic gameplay is done, there’s no need to undo any changes.

Jellyfish, possibly?

A better attempt

A single tiny rust muncher watching over the sun rise from a rock


how you got this? Isn’t macroscopic gameplay prototype currently not working?

Presumably, a devbuild. Non-patrons (who don’t want to compile things themselves) will need to wait until Saturday.

i already sent it in another thread, but it is macroscopic organism aswell

(btw i don’t have it anymore, because saving is possible only outside editor which i couldn’t leave beacause of detached metaballs)

i think it is called metaball, not meatball
(unless it has 2 names.)

Calling them meatballs on purpose is becoming a kind of pretty common joke.


so i decided to make immortal testanuclei just because


i tried making Hyryus Lainenus
iiii mean some organism


Here’s my utiom untula.
01.04. Macro Example

Surprised I don’t see any plants!

Here’s a thicket of Xenocalamites variegatum flourishing in an alien sunrise… until something comes to eat them, of course.