Make the player spawn in a reasonable distance of a reasonable amount of glucose

Make it so the player will spawn in a certain distance to a large amount of glucose, so they dont die from luck


Many creatures went extinct from luck, such as dinosaurs, (insert many other times a major extinction even occured).
So I guess its kind of realistic.


For one thing, Nigel’s right, and for another what’s to make the player go in the right direction? It would also probably mess up the resource generation method. Sadly RNJesus will forever have control over us.

We are thinking about ways to change the spawn system to make resources more consistent to find.

It would be pretty useless for many species to spawn a glucose cloud near the player when spawning, for example if the player doesn’t use glucose at all or if they can’t purely survive off of glucose.

I think there should be something diffrent. Or just something diffrent from glucose.

Glucose is needed for ATP, cytoplasm turn glucose into ATP and most cells would have a hex of cytoplasm

Glucose is not necessary for atp production.

Rusticyanin (don’t worry how that’s actually spelled) converts iron straight into atp, negating any need for cytoplasm.

Photosynthesis allows you to produce all the glucose you need, no extra clouds required.

Same with sulphur eating cells.

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I feel like many players would agree that they would rather not have a chance to die because the game was like “I dont want to let the player live” with the expense of some realism

Maybe make the player just spawn on glucose clouds? It happens alot in main game so it can make sense

(just realized i can reply to multiple posts at once, sorry)
Though the player does not enter the game with those, and if you have rusticyanin you still face the problem of neither spawning near glucose or iron, which happens famously to me, as i have terrible luck

I think having rng is important, but a small cloud does work.

Agreed, despite me with my terrible rng, some games do need rng, but yes, spawning on or near a small cloud of iron or glucose is needed probably. And if you dont want to deal with rng, you can cheat, since its your save file (unless there’s ever a multiplayer mode).

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