Make Thrive Famous via comics

There are Comic Artists that could be hired {via patreon Money } to make comics about Thrive and it’s creatures, Or something similar.

Science Youtube Channels Could be sponsored to promote Thrive, Or even Game Theory{ a nice game channel} could be Sponsored.

Time to time I read that how thrive don’t need money, and it’s creator do all the effort out of passion and love, And honestly that’s what makes this project so beautiful.

But they Still should create patreon and use that money to do Marketing, Thrive 0.4.3 is ready for that, And this push will create large enough ripple that even such massive project will get a considerable boost.

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May I direct you to this masterpiece?


A true gem in the rich culture that is the Thrive forums

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What is there to say about Thrive though? Yes you can do something like the EBTC, but that mostly relies on memes newcomers will have no clue about. (underwater civilizations being the big one.) Comics are usually either made around the story, or when it’s the type of game where you ‘make your own story’, comics are made about the mechanics. (see: Rimworld’s many different comics.) Thrive lacks both a story (and rightfully so) and it lacks weird game mechanics to poke fun at.

Game theory is a step further, since there is literally nothing you could theorize about, save for maybe him repeating the main arguments for aquatic civilizations and restarting the constant circling that is the aquatic discussion,

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Yes you are right, I said this once the patreon money get’s secured {which will take time }.

Thrive has objectives { like different stage of life} but no proper Story.

That’s why I suggested to sponser Science youtube channel, as they may provide some insight about game mechanics, and the audience {those who like memes , could further fund the patreon along with sharing the info about games among others} with this if only 10 developers comes after a youtuber { who has watch count in millions} is still a good trade off, as it further improve the release schedule. Something is better than nothing.
Problems will be there, but we can try a few things and if they happen to work, then Great right?

Huh, TF2 comics are both. Some describe the story and some others promote new items and mechanics.

Quite the opposite of TF2.

The Extremely Bad series poked fun at one mechanic that was later patched out - chemicals being represented by physical emitters rather than clouds (toxins still are this, but not a plan to keep)
Hexagonal cells are another early installment weird thing, but they didn’t feature in the comic.
As for those funny games (Rimworld with cannibalism, TF2 with rocket jumping among others), the weird mechanics became a main draw for the game.
Thrive’s focus is realism, so having an identity through weird mechanics is not planned. Since it’s also still at the cell stage, we haven’t gotten to explore most of what makes Thrive so interesting: complex organisms and their societies.