Making a Line For What Content Not to Include

He specified that they wont implement visible genitalia, this is not about what is considered obscene or not, but about what was said.

Maybe it’s better to discuss this further when the multicellular/aware stages are more developed.


all this thrive talk makes me want to play thrive some more! This time i will make a carnivorous plant

this has no relation to the discussion at hand, but i just figured I’d say it.


Every time I play thrive I always somehow end up as a carnivorous plant.


isn’t the main element going to be making parts from scratch

I liked the idea of a lack of genitals.

Why should there be “blobs”

that can be placed anywhere on the organism? Thrive isn’t

or at least I hope it isn’t.

If there is external fertilisation, lay an egg and leave, or approach an egg as a male and click it, thats it. If there is internal fertilisation, approach someone, there are heart symbols in the air, suddenly pregnant.

I have another idea. There can be two different types of DNA points. One of them is from natural selection, you use it to design organs and stuff. The other one is from sexual selection, you use it to place colorful feathers on your species or designing the flower if you are a plant.


What’s the point of all of this anyways? Is ESRB actually ever going to rate Thrive? It’s not like most games actually need official age ratings like that (except for very obviously explicit ones). Even if someone does encounter a species with human-like genitalia, most people would probably be fine with it.

Also, I checked the Youtube and Twitch guidelines. There being human-like genitalia for auto-evolved creatures would not really break any rules. At most pointing the camera away from mating would make it perfectly fine for people to make videos on and stream it.