Making a Line For What Content Not to Include

…bro what are you talking about

Obscene-looking structures that aren’t genitalia

Then that would be on the creator for shaping it like genitals then. But this is completely different from ACTUAL reproductive organs. Having something shaped like it is a lot different from actually BEING it. We cant control what shape someone makes their creature (sporn) but what can be controlled is showing actual genitals and sex scenes, cause genitals will need their own parts to function as one, and those are a lot easier to censor than me taking the drawing tool and drawing 2 spheres and a cylinder in the middle.

But what if they don’t? Phallic structures (and likely other obscenity too) could easily come from the auto-evo’s creatures

So? A lot of stuff can come from auto evo, doesn’t mean it will, “species artificial life real evolution” can have some very bizarre looking creatures come out from its evolution but even if it’s shaped like a penis doesn’t make it a penis. Like I said, totally different things, and those are by stretches of the imagination that they look like one, I’ve seen them on YouTube yet they haven’t been age restricted, cause it’s honestly far fetched to claim that kind of stuff, and if we are gonna go that far its bad already cause I can go into the creator rn and shape my cell like a penis if I wanted to. No need to worry over bizarre looking things that are a stretch in the first place

That is equally true when discussing the forms of actual genitalia

Is it a similar stretch to say these things have a phallic member? They’re just Spore mockups of the examples I gave above, so no penes on any of them

I’ve thought of other things to consider here.

I know this is far of in the future, but how should the game deal with hatred and non war combat violence? Obviously war will be part of the game, but should the game touch things like slavery, racism and hate crimes, war crimes, holocausts, mobs and riots, witch hunts, and revolution driven take overs.

Should the game have civilizations with society norms and deviation like gender roles or out casting?

What should be the approach for religion in the game be?


I definitely believe the first and third things you mention should be in the game, and the second certainly seems plausible to be included

Calling it, BurgeonBlas is 100% a troll. I’m not a mod, but if things like this continue this thread may turn out like the Underwater Civ one. Locked.

I believe this explains it very well. This is under the assumption this it isn’t going to change in the future.


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I’ve seen a post and if I recall the current idea is that things like sexual and racial discrimination aren’t likely to be in the game. That said I doubt they’re going to stop you from effectively creating it yourself by manually doing certain things to certain parts of the population.

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The reason I support it being in the game is because it is very realistic, and also it would make the gameplay a million times more interesting.

For example: refugees fleeing from another country due to their prosecution has arrived. What do you do?

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I actually agree. I do think it’s worth adding discrimination, but in the end it’s the devs who decide.

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It’s also worth noting fictional series add racism/slavery/ whatever elements to their stories, LOTR is a good example with some races not getting along or just flat out hating each other.

And imo, just cause those things are bad and shouldn’t be done in real life, just denying the ability to do it doesn’t change the fact that it happened in our history, bad things happen in reality and there is no changing that. A player can do a pacifist run if they want, or a genocide run if they want.

I think adding those things could be good challenges for future stages that you have to deal with, especially government wise:
Do you allow slavery, and deal with possible revolts and other issues?
Or do you outlaw slavery, but also with consequences such as civil war or the economy taking a hot from the dramatic impact that occurred.

I think a lot of these types of things can be made similar to how Stellaris dealt with them too, with thrives own twists and variant on it of course.


maybe make the sex seen like in ansestors the human kind odessy bye looking up or like spore its just a dance in spore


Great minds think alike


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