Means of conveying damage/status effects

When Your cell is hurt, it flickers a red hue. its quite a simple design which works fairly well. However, i cant help but find this design a bit annoying. While this current design certainly has its benefits such as its efficiency at displaying simple information like when your cell is being damaged it fails at certain other tasks. one could be showing the rate at which you are being damaged, and the other being how intense/severe the damage is.

there are a few simple things that could be done to improve the current design such as increasing the rate at which the cell flickers, along with the intensity of the color. However, analogous to certain other games it can also be seen as annoying. anyone who has played any of the Legend of Zelda games along with Pokemon can tell you how annoying it is when you’re down on health and you start to hear this annoying buzzing sound. i think thrive also has a very similar issue to this sort of thing. Its just much more subtle.

One way this could be improved is by rather than giving the cell a special effect to indicate damage. we could create a red vignette to convey damage. This design would allow for more information to be conveyed and much more subtly. are you nearly dead? Your screen has a red vignette which also indicates you’re low on health. are you being damaged overtime slowly? your screen is slowly becoming more red.

its really not a revolutionary concept. many other games have used a similar effect and have gotten good results.

same thing could be done with radioactivity. just put a green vignette on along with the geiger counter sfx. and players will have a good idea of what is wrong.


If I’m not mistaken, there is the gradual rupturing of your cell’s texture that indicates how damaged you are. I have not played the latest release due to some graphic card issues, so not sure if it’s still in the game, but I’d bet it is.

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Yeah that’s true, if your cell is damaged a lot, and I’m not mistaken it has a sort of cracked or ruptured look.

it defenitely does, but i feel this should be used in conjunction with something like a vignette as a cracking membrane is a bit too subtle.

TBH, cells don’t see red when they are dying… If possible we can make cells go through lysis, having cytoplasm slowly seep out depending on softness. The higher severity is, the faster the insides spew out.

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To be honest, cells don’t “see” as we see seeing. The primary sense utilized is chemoreception, most comparable to smell. Cellular photoreception is essentially binary, seeing only if there IS light reaching the field of view. That is to say nothing of sound perception.
Thrive’s visuals are a way of making the realities of cell life more digestible to “eyeball monkeys.” Humans desire something more in-depth than swimming effectively blind until you sense “FOOD: YES, BRIGHT: NO”


This is old, but the forums are quiet so, kraken, I don’t know if it’s only me, but seeing my cell blinking red like a firetruck siren makes me die a little inside. Also, me spewing out my insides slowly would totally be digestible to eyeball monkeys.