Microbial Stage Plans

I was wondering what people think some of the next features to be implemented into the microbial stage would look like. Also how complex and modifiable the microbial life forms are planed to be.

They should add the feature for microbes to eat you. Just something to add a challenge and something to keep new players busy with.

Microbes are supposed to eat you, but due to problems it’s not possible
Otherwise, you can find your answers on the dev forum and the Thrive wiki.


Question: Why don’t the predatory microbes eat you? Is it because of something in the AI or is it just because the RMG (Random Microbe Generator) doesn’t designate cells as “predatory”, even if they can easily eat the PC?

The problem with predators being inadequate is that the AI was broken in the last release. It has been improved since but due to the engine_refactor going on, and problems with the master branch version, we haven’t managed a release in while.

Edit: @zyad137 was the one who made AI fixes


In reference to the complexity of microbes, are players planed to be able to give their microbe different types of cell walls and or have radically different behavior (such as acting as like an parasite)?

Yes, both ideas you gave will be added (Multiple levels of cell wall, cilia (mini-flagella covering the entire body) or normal cell membrane (customizable) can be chosen as membrane, and there will be a “behavior editor” where you can change the AI of your cell (being able to act like a cell before multicellular creatures exist probably won’t be possible though))

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Sounds like the cell stage that we were promised by spore, I really hope this works out. Also does anybody know if microbes are planned to become more “goopy” in later releases.

So, what are the developers working on as of now? Just so I know what to think of that might help with problems. I feel like I have mechanical mind sometimes.

Currently we’re working on the engine switch while also very gently pushing for concept art. I think.

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Right now I’m trying to learn Python, if theres anything I can do to help please let me know.

Merry Christmas, here’s someone to assist.
(I barely know anything about programming and codes)

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Thats who I talked to to get the link to learn python. (thats alot of "to"s, also its been quite slow on the forum, hasn’t it?

The best way to keep up with the day to day programming of the project is by following the GitHub repository. In particular, you’ll want to follow hhyyrylainen’s engine_refactor branch as this is where all recent changes have been happening (it’s 253 commits ahead of the master branch, for crying out loud). There is regular programming work going on there but unfortunately it’s not quite as visible or marketable as other stuff.

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I wonder if you would creaste a new planet on the first start of the game and as long as you are still in microbial maybe even multicellular stage until a certain point, do you continue spawning on that same planet on the point in the timeline when you died with that previous organism, so allow for megaevents to happen and not destroy your cell 99% of the time when our reach taht point?
and maybe it could be announced by the game when its starting to happen like the great oxygenation or the overflooding with waste oproducts f your species because you became to many, and the game will suggest to evolve now in a direction where youd profit again form these major changes in the environment instead of just dying and need to restart from that point with a whole new cell.

The old plan for what happens when your species goes extinct is that you get to play as a related species. For example, if humans were to be wiped out, then the player would get to play as chimpanzees or some other primate, with humans absent and their cities ruined.
Megaevents being announced would be very good design. These should include the reason for the event, its outcome, and what might come of it. For the great oxygenation event, it could be
“Due to the proliferation of photosynthetic microbes, the oxygen content of the oceans has risen dramatically. Aerobic respiration is now on the rise, with mitochondrion-holding cells outcompeting the less efficient anaerobic cells.”


Will these mega events be announced via words or sight, like an eclipse? Does it say “A eclipse is now commencing” or do you just see the sky start to get dark?

Yeah, I mean, you know pretty fast when there’s a meteor coming but as your species gets more intelligent, will it be able to prevent these disasters before they happen ?

I would really like to see Meiosis be implemented into the game as a last resort for reproduction. Say you have no hope for finding useful compounds and you’re about to die; you could use a hypothetical ‘Meiosis Button’ to split your DNA into fragments allowing for reproduction. But, there’s a catch, One of the two offspring would have half of the original cell’s organelles and you would have the other half.

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