Missing "Needs editing" notices in Weblate

Just today I hopped on Weblate, looking to make some translations (English to Italian).
I noticed some strings got changed from the last time I saw them (example: Thrive/Thrive Game — Italian @ Thrive - Weblate: Struggling? Check the help menu. You can open it with …); however, they hadn’t been marked for edit like they would have usually.

Why is this? A bug, perhaps? This may be worth investigating to avoid future trouble (string discrepancies and such).

It appears from Insights → History that all unmarked changes were from yesterday.

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Yeah, pretty strange. I finally accepted about 10 change suggestions to the tutorials. I’ll do a bulk edit to mark all tutorial strings in non-English languages as needing changes, hopefully no one will be too bothered by a couple untouched tutorials being also marked as needing changes.

For future reference I used this search: state:>=translated AND NOT language:en key:TUTORIAL and used the “mark as needing changes” mass edit operation. And that changed 218 texts to “needing changes” state.