Multi-Sapient Species

Could we, as the player, have two variants of the species at once?

If two different variants of the same species evolve (in different climates), could they possibly form a civilization together, or could the other enslave their biological relatives?

So… like the multiple races we have here on earth?

Yes, technically.

I think that would classify as a new species but I dont know if you could have different races

Aren’t classes (as in different castes for insect-like species and different genders and the like) planned? The question would then be how to integrate it with auto-EVO (or allow the player to control evolution across their entire planet, though that would raise the question as to how species might branch of off your own)

You’ll play as a single species so the answer to the thread title is no. But @Omicron is correct that there will be a caste system to have different variants of your species.