Mutation Points and How They are Earned

As it stands in the current game at the time of making this post, you gain a set amount of points to spend (50) when you enter the creator. When we become Aware would the process be similar or would it be more like spore where you get points based on what you do in the game? Also would we, the player, have to go through the adolescence stage of our creature’s development or would we skip past that like in spore? I personally think that we should have at least some of the adolescence stage to survive through in order to reach sexual maturity and pass on our edits to the gene pool. On that note, would every time the player dies, the AI would lightly modify the species automaticly and the player would spawn in the next generation, or would the player respawn as another of the same generation, or would time revert back to the last save point?

(Also I think that every new generation should have an autosave feature so just in case the game crashes like spore does and the player loses all progress because they forgot to save their game.)


We will use mutation points, or at least a variant, in all editors. The amount increases as you progress through the stages up to awakening/society.

It’s likely that the adolescence stage would be playable.

When the player dies, they play as another member of their species.

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That makes sense.

Although say you were to accidently make a change that made it so you as the player didn’t have the ability to survive enough to make it back into the editor and got stuck in an endless loop of death. Would you have the ability to revert a generation or two in the game in order to keep playing or would that just mean the end of your species?

You could reload an earlier save. If I remember correctly, multiple save slots will be allowed

There has been a suggestion that if you die too much you lose some of the latest changes you have made so that you don’t get stuck with bad changes. Can’t remember who said this but this could represent evolutionary dead ends that would be cool to keep track of and for example show the player when they complete the game.