My profile picture art competition

Unrelated, but i decided to try out deepart myself, this was my end result: Ocean%20Man

I call it β€œOcean Man”


β€œTake me by the hand and lead me to the man!” Sorry but I had to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

note: this is a bump to not get this post buried in the other posts incoming (i know, i am shameful)

Is there a reward, as an extra incentive to join?

Is there a reward, as an extra incentive to join?

You get a β€œcool dude” badge.

I mean, probably not, other than the internal happiness that someone uses your art as a profile picture, whatever happiness you would get from that.

what a 3d pause that was

Alright, i have had time to realize no one else is gonna upload entries, so i will choose who wins: Evolution4Weak, you have won!

are you going to change your pic or not?
thought that was the whole point of this thread

idk honestly, i have downloaded a few of them from the posts to use for holidays/weeks leading to said holiday.

NEWS UPDATE: Made a 3D version of my avatar: 3D%20Randomness

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as good as a 3D version of your avatar is gonna get

Some more questionable art: (%20%CD%A1%C2%B0%20%CD%9C%CA%96%20%CD%A1%C2%B0)


All who cast their eyes upon this image are immediately enlightened

I dont mean to necro my own thread, but here is another thing i made:


An inverted color profile pic, should come in handy for more deepart stuff i wanna make