Natural Disasters

Will Natural Disasters be including in the multi cellular stage and onward? Will we deal with hurricanes washing our sea-creatures onto land? Will our organisms biome be destroyed by volcanoes? Will our villages get destroyed by earthquakes?

Natural disasters are definitely something that is planned. My opinion is that they shouldn’t be too punishing instead they should just spice up the gameplay a bit.


If I remember correctly, in a previous thread on the earlier forums , the final conclusion was you’ll be able to toggle most disasters on or off (So the people that want immediate game-ending disasters can do so, but the ones that just want a fair experience can also have that)


Will it be possible to play during natural diasters or will those only happen off screen and effect population numbers?

wow that was really a necropost

Thing is that many natural disasters with broad ecological impact would essentially be death sentences that organisms in the immediate vicinity would have basically no chance of avoiding. Things like a catastrophic asteroid impact or a humongous volcanic eruption would essentially be a giant explosion and a giant wall or flash of death. The more interesting evolutionary aspects of a disaster event is how the environment is effected and how organisms react to this new environment, which we ideally will simulate pretty robustly; extinction events and the such are very important in any evolutionary story.

Now, there are concepts for earthquakes in the Microbe stage for example, where currents will randomly switch up, and potentially for things like the flow of magma and such. So I won’t say a player wont ever play through an environmental event, but I will say that from a gameplay design perspective, the more important thing is to represent the aftermath of a disaster event rather than the event itself in creating a dynamic evolution simulator.