New mod idea (multiplayer mod)

Can someone code a multiplayer game and no change colors (so you can recognize others as team or friend) and it is possible because Minecraft and starcraft did multiplayer

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While this is technically doable, I would not expect anyone to pick up on this idea for a mod, because it would be extremely difficult to make.


Yeah, but that would probably come to thrive as a “multiplayer mode”, but you will have to wait probably 4 or 5 years or until thrive is a more well-known game
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I love the idea. Don’t ask anyone to do really hard coding. Do it yourself or commission someone. Or wait, I mean there’s no doubt in my mind someone will make a multiplayer mod, aside from underwater civs it’s the most obvious mod, and the idea is just too good to pass up. But yeah, great plan, don’t ask for a spicific mod unless you’re commissioning one.

edit: dont cite other games to prove possibility, other games are very different. they have far less content, far simpler progression, full payed development teams, and both games you mentioned had multiplayer in mind from the start

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I don’t think that’s really feasible, as I’d estimate at least a couple of hundred of hours of work. That’s because the existing codebase need to be adapted to support multiplayer, otherwise the multiplayer mod would break a lot as the game itself is developed, leading to a very high maintenance burden for the mod. So even at a hundred hours the cost would be multiple thousands of dollars assuming a reasonable wage, because otherwise you’d just find very inexperienced developers who might take even longer or fail altogether.


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I’d do it. There could be multiple game modes. I just need to find the time

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I can’t recommend working on this as the first thing for Thrive. One of our team members has been working on a simple cell arena multiplayer mode for multiple months, and just by looking at the changed files, you can see it is an absolute ton of work even before it is fully working:

Instead I recommend doing some smaller features so that you don’t burn out even before getting anything done.


That prototype is by far one of my most difficult undertaking. You’re welcome on helping and joining in on the effort of building this mind-bending beast of a feature, just drop by our community Discord or Github anytime.


Multiplayer was added into Kerbal Space Program as a mod while the game was still in development, and at some points, it made progressing in the game so much harder. Many of the game updates required the mod to be reworked before the game could continue. It seemed that it was also a real challenge getting the time in the different players’ games to sync up, due to the time skipping which was a fundamental game mechanic in KSP. That could also be a logistical problem in Thrive. That said, the KSP mod was very popular.

@KasterisK has there been any progress on the multiplayer prototype? It would be a great addition to the game.

I’m not sure it’s worth suggesting this, but maybe an even simpler feature would be a good start, such as a function to directly share save files or swap fossils with other players…

Also, @hhyyrylainen recently mentioned the possibility of “a centralized login / registering for use in potential Thrive multiplayer”. Found in this thread on the Dev forum:

Yes, this is the fundamental problem in making Thrive multiplayer. How would you simulate billions of years of evolution in a shared playing field? The answer’s not really straightforward, and just as KSP has multiple different take on solving the time warp problem, so does Thrive.

The MP prototype is going to take the simplest route. That is, on steroids in a nutshell.

The potentially crazy amount of fun in having Thrive multiplayer as a gamemode is why I decided to take the initiative to create the multiplayer prototype. If it turns out to be really popular, it will probably be fleshed out into a fully featured Thrive multiplayer experience.

I’ve been really busy with other stuff IRL and other Thrive features, so it’s a bit in a limbo right now. Also, the fact that hhyyrylainen is currently working on integrating a custom physics engine and Godot’s 4.x approaching release (and subsequent migration) warrants a re-evaluation of the overall implementation that’s already in progress.

That’s one of the planned functionality for Thriveopedia, you can probably find more information about it on the dev wiki or the dev forum.

The cloud/hosting services (whatever it is, I think AWS? @hhyyrylainen knows more) used to host all kinds of Thrive’s or Rev Games organization’s web purposes will come in handy to support multiplayer feature, including possibly an official multiplayer server the public can freely play in.

Well, I’d say it is basically done, though maybe we could add steam workshop support. Hosting a huge amount of random data uploaded by players is going to be a pretty difficult problem in terms of how much it would cost in storage and bandwidth fees. We’d need some way to monetize it to at least cover the immediate hosting costs related to the feature.

It’s actually not AWS. As that is actually more expensive compared to less flexible solutions. Currently most of our hosting is through

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