No AI mutations (with minimum mutation rate)

iv been playing for 4h and thers still no other species or maybe i set it to the lowest AI mutation rate im not sure but im sure its a bug if not its not im not sure

thell if this hapend to you too

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Which version of the game are you using?

So you swim around and haven’t seen any other species? Are there other species shown in the Auto-Evo reports when you enter the editor? It’s unclear whether you mean there are no species anywhere or you just haven’t seen any.

Have you set the entity limit to tiny in settings? This may be preventing things from spawning.

Otherwise, please send us the game logs. You can find these via the button to open the logs folder in the game settings.

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not even in events in the editor or the auto evo nothing it shous no speaces oliver ow stroak of luck i founded a speaces call autonuke grox and a speaces whit my nickname karolo kiko my frends call my kiko and i fouded a nuther speaces afthe 5h of playing in the save

Have you been moving to a new patch basically every editor cycle? Because that would mean you’re always moving into empty patches. That’s the only other thing I can think of.

no i dident but when i did they started to appear

You’ll have to provide more details. I just started a new game by just setting the AI mutation to the lowest value. Then I entered the editor and immediately there was a species that split off from me.

i’m pretty sure its just the RNG gods messing with em