No cloud color?

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That’s an issue I’ve heard only a few people having, not sure what causes it.

There’s been a few suggestions like having different textures on clouds and changing their colours. I want to implement a window that shows what is under your cursor which would also let colour blind people find the clouds they need.

It seems to be a problem with openAL

I highly doubt that openAL would cause this, after all it is an audio library.

I’ve had this problem, too, though it only started sometime around half an hour ago, out of the blue, after the game crashed in the middle of playing. Fortunately I had quicksaved, and such managed to get back on track - but without the clouds having colors, now what do I do? Perhaps I’m only having this problem due to being in a Hydrothermal Vent biome, but as I haven’t yet tested other biomes after this occured, I don’t know. It also seems to be staying :frowning_face: (Time is 4:14 PM for me)

Are they invisible if you start a new game? The current save system tries to save the state of every entity to a file and then restore it later, so if the clouds broke once then maybe the broken state is saved and that’s why they are all invisible.

Not yet, but I’ll try that and then report back to you.

It seems to be the problem you mentioned before, unless the tutorial forces them to be visible?

You can’t - you randomly spawn/respawn in a biome, spawning in one for the first time is completely random while respawning will only take you to a different biome if there are no individuals left of your species in the biome you originally spawned in (they moved to a different one, for example, though I’m not sure if the player can move to one via WASD controls).

I’m not sure that this currently works. I’m too tired to check the code but I doubt that is the case as there is currently no population counting for the player (this is one of the improvements that are planned for the next release).

That seems to be what happens for me. Maybe you can change biomes via WASD controls, but I looked on the wiki and it said you can’t, however it also said ATP = health points and that isn’t true in the latest version - there’s a separate health meter, leading me to believe the wiki isn’t fully updated.

That is definitely one place where it is outdated. The GDD is one of the only pages that is kept up to date at least somewhat.

If you move far enough in one direction you will reach a new biome, though I don’t see why you’d intentionally do that since you’ll probably die from lack of ATP

From what I’ve seen all the biomes in the game have the same distribution of nutrients except for this mysterious black nutrient, so why would you lose ATP?

Since what I meant by “Intentionally” was to move in a direction without caring for compound clouds, you’d most likely starve and rot eventually.

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Well, I seem to have found the issue, at least on my device - loading the game from the main menu, and also re-attempting to load it after the glitch occurs, will still cause the clouds to become black/very dark brown. The result is trouble.