No passive reproductive compounds when bound (not multicellular)

Version 0.6.1, Windows
In the first generation after adding a binding agent and signaller, reproduction compounds were not produced passively when bound to the sister cell. When unbound passive accumulation resumed, and when bound it halted entirely and immediately. The signal being emitted had no impact.
Log displayed on exit:

I saved, after entering the editor, after unbinding. I relaunched the game, and loaded the save. When i exited the editor compounds did not appear to be passively generated, I then moved and they generated as normal. When I bound with the new sister cell, compound generation halted as before. Unbinding resumed generation, rebinding halted it.
I exited to the launcher to test the reproducability of these results from this save.
The log displayed on exiting this reload:

On second reload I did not experience a lack of generation before moving, I believe this must have been the result of insufficient waiting in the first reload. However, the lack of passive compound generation when bound persisted.

As the save file appears to presurve the bug for reproduction, I have uploaded it to Gofile, though I don’t know how long it will be held. However, I can only put two links in this post, I will try replying to this initial one with the save file link.

The cell is pictured below.

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The save file where this bug appears to be reproducable is linked below:

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This is a known limitation. I knew of this even back when adding the passive reproduction that it explicitly doesn’t handle this case.

This is the open issue:

It is in the next release milestone, but sadly that doesn’t mean that any volunteer programmer is much more likely to pick it up and fix it (Thrive is open source, anyone is free to fix this problem and submit the fixed code to us). Though as it is an important thing, I’ll keep it hanging at the front of the list of things for each release to fix until it is done.