One-sentence story building

(nss) Should I go next, or should we go by the date they joined?

(nss) sure you can go next

The eye shines in all directions, the eye shines out a translucent human named “the woke one”, out of dreamland into the real world, and he join the thrive community forums as TheForumGameMaster
@TwilightWings21 what is NSS?

NSS you really like this eldritch eye thing

The shadows swirled around a figure in the depths of the woodlands, the spirits of the beyond congealing into a solid figure, Twilight.

The eye, combined with “the woke one”, come to twilight, and ask:“join us… join us… join… us… join…us…glory…to…the…eye…join…us(and so on and on)”


NSS means non-story sentence. It’s for when you want to talk about the game or something that someone is doing or something like that but want to let other people know it isn’t a part of the story.

Twilight declined their offer, booting them out of his origin story and waiting for the next persons origin story to dramatically begin

One day fralegend015 became existing

The eye, and “the woke one”, come back for payback and vengenance, and double team Twilight, overwhelming Twilight, and summon a horde of followers that slowly torture Twilight to give a slow and painful death

But Twilight was just annoyed and shadow teleported across the universe several times until the eye and the other dude and their followers were thoroughly lost

Suddenly, there are a million kamikaze nuke-riding followers of the eye, and they ram into twilight, until twilight himself/herself implodes.


WHAT. Twilight lost you how did they even find em.

Also himself

Anyway, can we move on from this? I thought we were doing a series of origin stories.

But Twilight was immune to explosions and nuclear radiation and shadow teleported several universes away

Where they ended up on the less advanced world of earth

And they found otter Mark, who had previously changed his name to “Nigel” in order to impersonate the true Nigel.

Then the true Nigel appears out of the cover of night

But true nigel and mark nigel fuse into nigel nigel

Due to their combined omniscienceness, they transcended beyond reality

Now the universe waits expectantly for another origin story to begin.

The eye creates another being, “The chaser”, that can shadow teleport as well, and “the woke one”, being a extremely intelligent being, built a horde of soldiers armed with light armour(since light beats shadow), and light blasters, and are guided by “The chaser” to Twilight, where they begin blasting light, we have won, and Twilight is inprisoned in the backrooms.

What, I did not know this was a series of small origin stories, I thought it was one main timeline

NSS bro that was finished when I teleported several universes away. Let it stop pls.


Edit: also pls separate story posts from non-story posts with a line break and an ‘NSS’

Twilight shadow teleports out of the back rooms and goes into a pocket dimension, ignoring the minor annoyance of the eye and it’s followers


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