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“How many lies will we believe, how many people have to die, before we make a real effort to save this world. The world is falling apart in more way than the atmosphere, may we live to see everything fixed.”

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“minecraft and thrive are nothing compared to THRIVECRAFT, the best game that will ever exist.”
-TeaKing 2019

“the Internet is important for meme worshiping, one of those memes is the holy the banana gods we worship everyday.” -TeaKing 2019

“pepe is one of the many gods in the pantheon of memes, his story is an example of how ANYTHING, could turn into a meme and join the holy gods.” -meme historian TeaKing 2019


It is easier to start one hundred stories than to finish one.

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Why can no one remember that there is a favorite quotes thread.


Because nobody used it for 1 entire year.

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I want to become a hivemind when I grow up.


Communism is good.

Nope. Communism is bad.

Haha debate on politics?

Let’s not - hhyyrylainen


For the last achievement in TF2, I need to increase my artificial post count by 1 million!

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“Life is filled with sadness and and the truly joyful moments only last for so long”

Sorry if that sounds kind of edgy

Edit: a more optimistic quote from me to cheer you up

“We may be able to live long enough to see the first Mars base done”

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“Like every achievement in life, seeing the first Mars base done is devoid of real meaning, doomed to end in nothingness, guaranteed to be forgotten.”

(Just to make sure that we don’t get too cheered up.)

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ill continue the quote
“everything we do in life will succumb to the same fate, but we do things for ourselves, and that makes us happy, and being happy is the most important thing” tekis the teaking


I am a him

Why did you have to give me an existential crisis in an inspiring quote :cry: (jk)

I mean being happy is cool and all but I desire meaning or purpose, however I too agree that it is up to us to make meaning or purpose in life.

having a purpose makes you happy so yea
thats basically what i said

And being happy gives you a purpose I guess? It could go both ways

well wanting to be happy can give you a goal in life
which will give your life meaning

Ok, there’s no objective meaning. But what are you going to do? Commit suicide? No! (since death is as meaningless as life, so it’s not a real escape from meaninglessness, but rather just an evasion of despair) You’ll live! And since we are already here, we may as well enjoy our stay.

“Life has no deeper meaning, you literally are here just to continue the human race, but you can still enjoy your time here, don’t waste it thinking about what you couldn’t do or that you’ll die so life is dumb, do things you like, eat cake if you want, make your time here a happy time for everyone!”

“also buy my youtooz”
-Nover452, probably